16:00:32 <quidam> #startmeeting 04/Oct/2019
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16:00:41 <quidam> hi everybody!
16:00:55 <quidam> how are things?
16:02:24 <quidam> today is an interesting day, it is the FSF's 35th anniversary, my 4th anniversary working at the FSF, Michael (FSF webmaster) had a baby today, and it is Ian's (FSF Sysadmin) birthday!
16:02:35 <bandali> hey quidam! not bad, you?
16:02:47 <quidam> bandali: can't complain
16:02:50 <bandali> wow that’s quite a day!!!
16:02:50 <quidam> but I'll try anyway
16:02:54 <bandali> lol :D
16:03:05 <bandali> do go ahead :p
16:03:14 <chaosmonk> hi quidam. congrats to all
16:03:56 <valessio> :D
16:04:08 <valessio> Happy hacking for all!
16:04:19 <quidam> it will be a date to remember
16:04:23 <bandali> happy happy happy
16:04:44 <quidam> I'm checking the merge requests
16:05:17 <quidam> I merged the new ones that were ready
16:05:30 <quidam> I think it is time I start chipping away at the older ones! :/
16:05:39 <bandali> nice
16:06:01 <quidam> first I'll check the build logs
16:06:21 <chaosmonk> quidam: the latest thing blocking debian-installer is localechooser. can you build that now?
16:06:38 <bandali> quidam, can i ask you about icecat? or do you prefer to focus on trisquel? i do have to leave in ~15mins from now
16:06:53 <quidam> chaosmonk: sure thing
16:07:40 <quidam> btw, I will be leaving at 12:45
16:07:52 <quidam> (FSF workiversary lunch)
16:07:57 <bandali> ha
16:08:27 <bandali> was wondering if you got around to reading mtg’s message(s) regarding icecat, the road to 68 in terms of what’s there and what’s missing (e.g. redoing the home page with new firefox apis) (and if you could please push what you have so far), and [co-]maintainership
16:09:31 <quidam> no, I'll do that now
16:09:48 <quidam> (well, after I get to fix/launch localechooser)
16:10:40 <Ark74> hello guys!
16:10:45 <quidam> hi Ark74
16:10:47 <Ark74> did I made it to the meeting?
16:10:50 <quidam> yes
16:10:59 <bandali> awesome, thanks quidam :)
16:10:59 <quidam> I merged your MR's, thanks!
16:11:08 <Ark74> sorry, my ISP decided to have issues with our network xD
16:11:24 <Ark74> quidam, which one?
16:11:34 <Ark74> I made 2 IIRC
16:11:57 <Ark74> the -A flag and https for trisquel-builder?
16:12:01 <Ark74> or the libreoffice one?
16:12:22 <Ark74> oh, wait the libreoffice for etiona I guess is still only a branch
16:12:28 <Ark74> no MR yet
16:13:27 <Ark74> oh! yay!
16:13:34 <Ark74> the trisquel builder one
16:14:34 <Ark74> what are we discussing right now?
16:14:54 <chaosmonk> quidam: i haven't fixed my make-tor MR yet. i'm not sure exactly how to handle importing the key. LOCAL_APT is defined in config, but the key needs to be imported before config. how bad would it be to import the key in config when we import upstream's keys?
16:15:54 <chaosmonk> quidam: i've built localechooser on my machine succesfully, so it shouldn't require fixing, just building
16:16:18 <quidam> chaosmonk: I marked it as a dependency, so it doesn't go missing next time
16:16:41 <quidam> launched
16:17:13 <quidam> Ark74: is the LO one ready?
16:17:55 <Ark74> quidam, well, kind of.
16:17:56 <bandali> alrighty, gotta run; have a nice day and weekend y’all!
16:18:10 <Ark74> bandali, you too!
16:18:13 <quidam> chaosmonk: the tor one is an odd one. I don't mind fixing it in the config script temporarily
16:18:26 <quidam> it should still not download anything, the file can live in DATA/tor
16:18:31 <bandali> Ark74, thaanks!
16:18:39 <quidam> bandali: you too
16:18:49 <bandali> thanks quidam :)
16:18:55 <bandali> o/
16:19:07 <Ark74> quidam, I'm not sure why it ask to install more dependencies than the ppa repository.
16:19:17 <Ark74> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wZXBXBZsnF/
16:19:49 <quidam> thats from what command? sbuild? or apt build-dep?
16:20:03 <quidam> or installing the binaries?
16:20:13 <Ark74> oh, sorry. That's my local repository
16:20:29 <Ark74> upgrading now with the built packages
16:20:52 <quidam> what packages are installed that are not installed when doing it from ppa?
16:21:06 <Ark74> al new packages
16:21:10 <Ark74> *all
16:21:26 <Ark74> since I already had the ppa repository installed
16:21:36 <Ark74> I would wonder it will only "upgrade" the installed packages
16:21:39 <Ark74> not install new
16:21:58 <quidam> not sure, seems to be pulling java build dependencies
16:23:14 <Ark74> yeah, some guys said they were not build since they are not -dev packages
16:23:36 <Ark74> but still looked weird with all the java dependencies
16:23:50 <Ark74> (some guy at #ubuntu-dev)
16:24:19 <quidam> aptitude dist-upgrade may give you more detail
16:25:10 <quidam> also, you can do apt-rdepends to see what is pulling them
16:26:10 <quidam> one of the updated packages probably depends (or recommends) those java build deps. you can tell if it is a recommend thing by running apt --no-install-recommends dist-upgrade
16:26:24 * quidam looks into the icecat topic
16:26:24 <Ark74> all changes where done on Depends-Build
16:26:40 <Ark74> they shouldn't be called
16:26:49 <quidam> Ark74: yeah, but some dependencies are calculated by debhelper
16:26:54 <quidam> it can get confusing
16:26:59 <Ark74> I'll check aptitude and rdepends
16:27:17 <Ark74> also, on bulding
16:27:29 <Ark74> are we creating all the arch all packages?
16:27:35 <quidam> one other way is to go ahead with the upgrade, then remove the extra packages and see what do they try to uninstall with them
16:27:43 <Ark74> aptitude-common is missing on my repositories?
16:27:51 <Ark74> libsane-common
16:27:58 <Ark74> and maybe others too
16:28:10 <quidam> on etiona? or flidas too?
16:28:13 <Ark74> etiona
16:28:20 <quidam> could you check flidas?
16:28:48 <Ark74> ok, let me launch the vm
16:29:20 <chaosmonk> quidam Ark74: i have aptitude-common in flidas
16:29:45 <Ark74> I suppose flidas is ok
16:29:59 <Ark74> I only started noticing missing dependencies once I moved to etiona
16:30:11 <quidam> that is quite important, I will check thorougly
16:30:18 <Ark74> many packages were held
16:30:20 <quidam> I wonder how to make a list of missing ones
16:30:53 <chaosmonk> quidam: the missing packages all seem to be packages with helpers
16:31:03 <chaosmonk> aptitude is built and tested on my machine
16:31:26 <Ark74> yeah, that could be a good start
16:31:34 <chaosmonk> any package helper not listed here <https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/status-package-helpers-etiona> is ready to go
16:32:15 <Ark74> that's why I added the -A to the MR on trisquel-builder
16:33:41 <chaosmonk> aptitude can be build. the sane-* packages build but i haven't tested them because i don't have a scanner
16:34:52 <Ark74> chaosmonk, the changes on the sane helpers for etiona are not necessary
16:35:15 <chaosmonk> Ark74: for all three sane-* source packages?
16:35:17 <Ark74> on bionic the issue with the artistic license was solved
16:35:22 <Ark74> it's the same change
16:35:47 <Ark74> all addressed on the package changes
16:36:04 <chaosmonk> right, but i checked this on debian buster lately and the change was only made for one or two of the packages iirc. in bionic all three are fixed?
16:36:40 <Ark74> I checked 2 also
16:37:16 <chaosmonk> quidam: what's the link to check jenkins status? you've shared it before but i've forgotten it
16:37:40 <Ark74> trisquel made the issue, that went to fedora, then to debian and I guess that went into ubuntu just by gravity
16:37:42 <quidam> what I mean is the fix to the build scripts, we will need to bump the version on the helpers that need rebuilding, and build them all
16:37:46 <quidam> so I will need a list
16:38:30 <chaosmonk> quidam: oh okay. i can compile that for next week
16:38:55 <Ark74> binary packages?
16:39:36 <chaosmonk> Ark74: probably makes more sense to check source packages
16:39:50 <chaosmonk> since those correspond to the package helpers
16:40:39 <chaosmonk> quidam: here's an alternate solution to the tor issue. thoughts? https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/261
16:42:57 <chaosmonk> quidam: one more quick thing: according to wikipedia we are switching to lxqt for trisquel mini. can you confirm this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trisquel
16:43:16 <quidam> chaosmonk: thanks (for volunteering for the list)
16:43:45 <quidam> chaosmonk: checking the tor one
16:44:06 <quidam> chaosmonk: no idea about lxqt
16:44:16 <quidam> if we discussed that I don't remember
16:44:24 <quidam> is there a reference?
16:44:50 <chaosmonk> no
16:44:58 <chaosmonk> i have no idea where it came from
16:45:24 <quidam> the tor one looks good, merged
16:45:39 <quidam> ok, gotta go now!
16:45:47 <chaosmonk> lxde is being discontinued and rolled into lxqt, but that shouldn't affect us until trisquel 10
16:45:51 <quidam> I'll be back after lunch
16:46:21 <quidam> I'll leave the meeting open, feel free to keep discussing things without me, ping me for anything that needs me and I'll follow up in an hour
16:46:23 <chaosmonk> quidam: thanks. if you ping me when you get back i'll let you know how debian-installer looks after localechooser is done building
16:46:30 <Ark74> ok, see you there
16:46:40 <Ark74> I'll be testing the libreoffice one
16:46:54 <Ark74> maybe we can figure it out
17:03:06 <Ark74> Here the apt-rdepends for libreoffice etiona build: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6KVWPKxXxp/
17:33:55 <chaosmonk> Ark74: why are the reverse dependencies significant? wouldn't it be the build or runtime dependencies that would block libreoffice?
17:43:43 <chaosmonk> quidam: when you get back, see the "NOT YET IN REPO" section i've added to <https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/status-package-helpers-etiona>
17:44:16 <Ark74> chaosmonk, because I'm tracing what package is trying to add a whole load of dependencies on the system
17:44:29 <Ark74> that are not required from the ppa
17:44:54 <Ark74> I guess I found it
17:47:42 <Ark74> seems this guys is the one adding all the noise, libreoffice-report-builder
17:47:47 <Ark74> yep, this is the one
17:49:02 <Ark74> ohhh!
17:49:28 <Ark74> there are two, libreoffice-report-builder and libreoffice-report-builder-bin O_o!
17:50:36 <Ark74> seems we need to use the libreoffice-report-builder-bin package otherwise it will install a whole bunch of dependencies, java mostly
17:50:40 <chaosmonk> they depend on packages not in the ppa?
17:51:14 <chaosmonk> oh, just libreoffice-report-builder does?
17:51:41 <Ark74> yep
17:52:41 <Ark74> My guess, since I'm not an expert, is that the binary package can deal with the precompiled dependencies, but if we install the non-binary it will ask to install all the software to work
17:53:27 <chaosmonk> is libreoffice-report-builder important?
17:53:44 <Ark74> we can use the libreoffice-report-builder-bin package
17:53:49 <Ark74> and that should solve the issue
17:53:56 <Ark74> avoid the non-binary package
17:54:17 <Ark74> I'm not sure why the PPA installed it though
17:54:38 <chaosmonk> libreoffice recommends libreoffice-report-builder
17:54:39 <Ark74> chaosmonk, do you have a etiona VM?
17:54:55 <chaosmonk> Ark74: i have etiona on a real computer
17:55:25 <Ark74> there is no way to make a netinstall right?
17:55:40 <chaosmonk> correct. i installed trisquel 8 and upgraded to trisquel 9
17:55:49 <Ark74> do you have libreoffice ppa on that machine?
17:55:59 <chaosmonk> i can
17:56:23 <chaosmonk> i'll add the ppa in a sec
17:56:34 <Ark74> wait
17:56:43 <Ark74> could you try my repo instead
17:56:48 <chaosmonk> what if we modify libreoffice's debian/control so that it no longer recommends libreoffice-report-builder?
17:57:02 <Ark74> I could do that
17:57:14 <Ark74> but since mine was an upgrade
17:57:40 <Ark74> I'd like to see what happens on a clean upgrade
17:57:58 <chaosmonk> what do you mean by clean upgrade?
17:58:33 <Ark74> from distro packages to backport packages (avoiding ppa)
17:58:52 <Ark74> Here my tmp repo: deb https://switnet.net/repo/ etiona-dep main
18:00:26 <Ark74> you might need apt-utils for the https repository
18:01:34 <chaosmonk> is your gpg key on the keyservers?
18:01:35 <Ark74> GPG key: 8926E0C5
18:01:48 <chaosmonk> k
18:04:36 <chaosmonk> upgrading
18:04:53 <Ark74> could you paste the dependency list?
18:05:19 <Ark74> did you had libreoffice-report-builder by default?
18:05:23 <chaosmonk> i don't have an irc client setup on the trisquel 9 machine
18:05:55 <Ark74> maybe just paste an url
18:06:13 <chaosmonk> yeah, i'll do that. waiting for the upgrade to finish
18:06:31 <Ark74> update or upgrade?
18:06:35 <chaosmonk> upgrade
18:07:10 <Ark74> are you using apt? or some other package manager?
18:07:21 <Ark74> (synaptic or else)
18:07:23 <chaosmonk> apt
18:07:26 <Ark74> oh, cool
18:07:34 <chaosmonk> oh, duh. i need to actually install libreoffice
18:07:44 <Ark74> yeah!
18:07:57 <chaosmonk> installing now
18:08:39 <Ark74> Ok, let me know if it install weird packages
18:08:47 <Ark74> or if it has libreoffice-report-builder
18:08:51 <Ark74> by default
18:09:26 <chaosmonk> note that i have libsane and some other stuff built locally, so this won't necessarily work on a fresh install now, but should work once we add the missing packages to the repo
18:10:13 <chaosmonk> what are the weird packages i should be watching for?
18:10:24 <chaosmonk> so far i see a lot of *-java
18:11:35 <Ark74> ohh
18:11:57 <Ark74> also libreoffice-report-builder?
18:12:22 <Ark74> ant packages?
18:13:04 <Ark74> please share the apt install dependency list
18:13:49 <chaosmonk> what is it you want me to paste? apt depends libreoffice?
18:14:24 <Ark74> something like this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wZXBXBZsnF/
18:15:19 <chaosmonk> crap, i can't scroll back that far. do you know if that gets logged anywhere?
18:15:53 <chaosmonk> i can paste "Setting up *" from the end of the install, if that's the same package list
18:16:08 <Ark74> I guess /var/log/apt/history.log
18:17:56 <chaosmonk> k, one minute. i'm multitasking between this and cooking
18:18:06 <Ark74> hehehehe
18:18:07 <Ark74> ok
18:19:36 <Ark74> here how it looks, https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=502207266259
18:19:41 <chaosmonk> pastebin.com/SBx4ckrU
18:20:07 <Ark74> i hate this picture upload sites
18:20:10 <Ark74> -_-
18:20:29 <chaosmonk> that link redirected to the homepage
18:24:51 <Ark74> yeah, such crap site
18:24:54 <Ark74> here: http://ark.switnet.org/tmp/libreoffice.png
18:26:02 <Ark74> hmm, yeah it installed libreoffice-report-builder
18:26:14 <Ark74> and all of the dependencies
18:28:25 <chaosmonk> i'm removing libreoffice-report-builder to see what apt autoremove cleans up after
18:28:52 <Ark74> around 26 packages if I'm right
18:29:35 <Ark74> I'll investigate a little more on libreoffice-report-builder, see what it does and if we could "avoid it", or it's dependencies
18:30:07 <Ark74> *its
18:30:18 <chaosmonk> other that clutter/disk space is there a problem with its dependencies?
18:30:28 <chaosmonk> *than
18:31:54 <Ark74> well, not really, but I would prefer to avoid having devel like packages installed that will be used for one app, also don't like having that much java sitting around
18:31:54 <Ark74> xD
18:32:01 <Ark74> security we may say.
18:32:11 <chaosmonk> pastebin.com/KtDtXEt5
18:33:15 <Ark74> Ohh, 91 packages. It not much 78 Mb
18:33:43 <Ark74> but, again maybe to crowded for only one package
18:33:54 <Ark74> maybe we can change it from depends to suggest
18:34:15 <Ark74> not sure, I'll have to look into
18:34:31 <chaosmonk> it's a recommends, not a depends
18:34:46 <chaosmonk> libreoffice-report-builder-bin is a depends
18:35:06 <Ark74> but other than that, the helper is ready on this branch: https://devel.trisquel.info/Ark74/package-helpers/blob/libo-etiona/helpers/make-libreoffice
18:35:43 <Ark74> so apt --no-install-recommends should avoid it, right?
18:36:03 <chaosmonk> yes, if the user thinks to do that
18:36:49 <Ark74> I wonder, how and why they avoided all the dependencies on the ppa for that package.
18:37:31 <chaosmonk> if you add "sed -i 's/Recommends: libreoffice-report-builder/Suggests: libreoffice-report-builder/g' debian/control" to the helper that should do prevent it from being installed by default
18:38:00 <Ark74> yeah, i think that would be ok.
18:38:23 <Ark74> just need to know how the report builder works
18:38:24 <Ark74> xD
18:38:31 <Ark74> and what it does
18:39:53 <chaosmonk> i guess we should make sure it isn't important and what the user is missing by only using libreoffice-report-builder-bin
18:40:33 <Ark74> yeah, I'll be checking that.
18:41:36 <chaosmonk> according to apt search it's "LibreOffice component for building database reports"
18:41:48 <chaosmonk> and -bin is "LibreOffice component for building database reports -- libraries"
18:47:30 <Ark74> well, it's for LibreOffice Base
18:47:44 <Ark74> and it's a quite specific tool
18:48:15 <Ark74> it clearly requieres all java stuff
18:54:57 <Ark74> From here: https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/Report_Builder
18:57:22 <Ark74> I seems that this feature is what gets disabled by removing libreoffice-report-builder
18:57:37 <Ark74> http://ark.switnet.org/tmp/libo-base-report.png
18:59:04 <Ark74> quidam, do think is a good idea to change libreoffice-report-builder as "Suggests" ?
19:00:02 <chaosmonk> i doubt many if any trisquel users use it. that said, debian packaging generally seems to prioritize making sure that most users have the software they need, as opposed to arch which prioritizes making sure that most users don't have software they don't need. perhaps we should decide to either consciously adopt a policy of cutting down dependencies, or to go with the flow, but either way to be
19:00:05 <chaosmonk> consistent
19:02:31 <Ark74> well, yeah
19:04:25 <Ark74> IDK, if it were for me, I would avoid it by default, I mean, we can just `sudo apt install libreoffice-report-builder` if needed
19:04:36 <Ark74> the package will be available
19:05:50 <chaosmonk> i agree, but that's true for many packages in debian-based distros, so why single this one out?
19:05:53 <Ark74> quidam, is having all these java packages implies a security risk (pastebin.com/KtDtXEt5) ?
19:07:09 <Ark74> well, talking on a security stand point less is more xD
19:07:39 <chaosmonk> if we consider something too insecure to have installed we shouldn't have it in the repos at all
19:07:49 <chaosmonk> is this package in ubuntu main or universe?
19:07:54 <Ark74> if we don't have any evidence of security issues, then I'm ok with all the packages
19:08:11 <chaosmonk> main receives security updates and universe doesn't, which might make a difference
19:08:15 <Ark74> it's a backport
19:08:23 <chaosmonk> oh, right
19:08:29 <chaosmonk> rolling?
19:08:33 <Ark74> kind of
19:08:51 <chaosmonk> are the java dependencies backported too?
19:09:18 <Ark74> no, they come form our repo
19:09:19 <Ark74> let me check
19:11:25 <chaosmonk> liblayout-java for example is in universe <https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/liblayout-java> do it does not receive security updates
19:11:53 <chaosmonk> i'm not sure whether that's true for all of them
19:12:42 <chaosmonk> but it would just be one instance of a larger problem with being based on ubuntu
19:13:43 <Ark74> https://pastebin.com/8KfEseUW
19:16:10 <chaosmonk> okay, so all dependencies are from our repos
19:16:32 <chaosmonk> and the first several i picked randomly to check are all in unviverse upstream
19:18:56 <Ark74> well, let's try no to enter into the main / universe existencial debate
19:19:06 <Ark74> that is a big one.
19:19:24 <chaosmonk> yeah, nothing we can do about that
19:20:30 <Ark74> I'll make the MR for the libreoffice helper
19:20:50 <Ark74> we can figure the libreoffice-report-builder in the way
19:20:55 <chaosmonk> although we do import tor from another source, presumably for that reason
19:21:15 <Ark74> also, this will be on the backports repository
19:21:19 <Ark74> not in the main one
19:21:39 <Ark74> so people will only get this package if they enable backports
19:21:49 <Ark74> *packages
19:22:00 <Ark74> *these packages
19:22:20 <chaosmonk> hm. that makes me lean toward keeping libreoffice-report-builder so that the backported version does not have different behavior from the version in main
19:23:47 <chaosmonk> idk. i think removing it is almost certainly harmless, so if that's where you lean and quidam has no objection i say go for it
19:26:19 <Ark74> https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/262
19:29:05 <Ark74> quidam, if you see no issue with keeping libreoffice-report-builder (and its dependencies) on backports, then it can be merged.
19:29:40 <chaosmonk> Ark74: cool, nice work
19:29:57 <chaosmonk> anything else we can work on now, or should we just wait for quidam to get back?
19:30:52 <Ark74> Oh, please before we merge this we need sane-backends and doxygen
19:31:20 <Ark74> those 2 are missing, my guess is the arch=all issue we have on etiona
19:34:28 <Ark74> well, that's it for me for now
19:35:06 <chaosmonk> i've added a MR to remove the libsane helpers
19:37:01 <quidam> bandali: I've sent a long reply to mtg with you on copy
19:39:24 <chaosmonk> quidam: debian-installer still says no installation candidate for localechooser. did the build fail?
19:39:46 <quidam> chaosmonk: it built, but it is not in the repo yet
19:39:52 <quidam> I'll push it in
19:39:53 <chaosmonk> ah, okay
19:39:56 <chaosmonk> thanks
19:40:34 <Ark74_> Oh, what did I miss
19:40:36 <Ark74_> ¡
19:40:38 <Ark74_> ?
19:41:02 <quidam> chaosmonk: pushing, will be there in a few min
19:41:13 * quidam checks backlog
19:41:38 <chaosmonk> quidam: see the "NOT YET IN REPO" section on this page <https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/status-package-helpers-etiona> for the list of source packages not in the repo. it's automatically generated from a script and might have some false positives, but should be mostly accurate
19:42:00 <chaosmonk> Ark74_: just that quidam is pushing localechooser to the repo
19:43:31 <Ark74_> ok
19:43:36 <quidam> chaosmonk: so those are the ones that need to be built for the first time on etiona, right?
19:43:47 <chaosmonk> yes
19:43:49 <quidam> not the ones that are missing -A
19:44:02 <quidam> that would be a separate list?
19:44:27 <chaosmonk> this list is for entire source packages which are missing
19:45:00 <chaosmonk> i just realized that i misunderstood which issue you were talking about when you suggested we make a list
19:48:11 <quidam> oh, I see
19:48:39 <quidam> they are different problems because the ones with missing arch-all packages need to be rebuilt, and for that they need the version number bumped
19:48:51 <quidam> otherwise the repo rejects it
19:49:07 <quidam> the ones that were never built are easy, just send the build order
19:49:08 <chaosmonk> quidam: okay, i understand
19:49:27 <quidam> anything else for me to do right now?
19:49:51 <quidam> otherwise I'd be going home
19:50:22 <chaosmonk> if you don't mind sticking around until localechooser is in the repo, i can see if there's another package to build for debian-installer
19:51:55 <chaosmonk> okay, i see it https://archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/pool/main/l/localechooser/
19:51:59 <quidam> it is almost done. the repo processor is slow
19:52:59 <chaosmonk> do you use reprepro or something else?
19:53:10 <quidam> yeah, but the server is crap
19:53:13 <quidam> very bad io
19:53:50 <Ark74_> chaosmonk, so with these package are we closer to get a netinstall iso?
19:53:56 <Ark74_> *this
19:54:12 <quidam> chaosmonk: you see the file but the db is not finished updating
19:54:14 <Ark74_> sorry, I write as I hear it in my mind xD
19:54:17 <quidam> if you try now it will still fail
19:54:42 <quidam> Ark74_: yeah, it should lead to a buildable netinst, ideally
19:54:52 <quidam> well, is the kernel one done? did that work ok?
19:55:05 <chaosmonk> quidam: i see
19:55:37 <chaosmonk> Ark74_: yes. debian-installer fails because localechooser is missing. once that's fixed i can see what makes it fail next
19:56:05 <chaosmonk> hopefully nothing
19:56:14 <Ark74_> hahaha, I see, you are using the ark's libreoffice build style
19:56:22 <Ark74_> xD
19:57:00 <Ark74_> very clever of you! ;)
19:57:34 <Ark74_> yeah! a netinstaller will be very helpful to test and develop
19:58:16 <chaosmonk> i should probably stop being lazy and figure out how to make and add a local repo to sbuild so i don't need to rely on quidam to push each package before i proceed
19:58:42 <Ark74_> I already have one
19:59:01 <Ark74_> aptly could help if you use only binaries
19:59:18 <Ark74_> (still don't know how to send source there)
20:00:23 <chaosmonk> i've been learning how to use reprepro. i just need to find time to sit down and improve my etiona workflow
20:00:37 <Ark74_> ok
20:00:58 <chaosmonk> quidam: how will i know when localechooser is ready?
20:01:14 <Ark74_> quidam, did you had a chance to see the dependencies debate for libreoffice-report-builder ?
20:01:34 <quidam> chaosmonk: http://archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/dists/etiona/
20:01:41 <quidam> check for updates to the date on that
20:01:47 <quidam> Ark74_: no, sorry
20:01:54 <quidam> I have to run home, sorry guys
20:02:08 <quidam> thanks everybody for the great work, so much progress done!
20:02:14 <quidam> #endmeeting