16:00:25 <quidam> #startmeeting
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16:00:34 <quidam> hi everybody
16:01:07 <quidam> sorry I was out last week, it was a complicated day for me
16:01:35 <quidam> how has everybody been doing?
16:03:15 * quidam checks MRs and build logs
16:04:48 <valessio> I am returning the steps of migrating content to the website Drupal6 to Drupal8. I'll need a recent database dump. Can you help or can I have access to the prod-server to make a recent copy?
16:05:12 <quidam> valessio: I'll upload a new one to the dev server
16:05:33 <valessio> ok, thanks lot!
16:15:21 <quidam> valessio: /root/t.sql.bz2
16:15:37 <quidam> chaosmonk: hi, just reviewing your ubiquity fix
16:15:52 <quidam> I corrected a trivial thing (lingering comment)
16:16:08 <quidam> but I wanted to ask you about the shim-signed change
16:16:38 <quidam> ah, never mind, I misunderstood it
16:16:48 <quidam> merged
16:20:41 <quidam> chaosmonk: what is with the tor signing key?
16:20:49 <quidam> helpers should not download anything ever
16:30:42 <chaosmonk> hi quidam
16:30:52 <chaosmonk> sorry, i'm in a bit of a rush
16:31:05 <chaosmonk> the tor keys can't be downloaded from the keyservers
16:31:43 <chaosmonk> my original fix downloaded the key in config instead of the helper. https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/257/diffs?commit_id=85a152e0436efdf8ec6f333680b19f16f760251a
16:31:48 <chaosmonk> is that better?
16:31:48 <quidam> chaosmonk: I saw. I just made a comment to your change
16:32:05 <quidam> you can just copy the asc file into DATA/tor
16:32:09 <quidam> and use it from there
16:32:17 <chaosmonk> good idea
16:32:52 <chaosmonk> i'll change that this afternoon
16:33:50 <chaosmonk> i have to go in about 10 min, but i can come back around 2pm your time
16:35:07 <chaosmonk> cdrkit needs to be pushed to the repos, is currently blocking make-netinstaller
16:35:32 <chaosmonk> *make-debian-installer
16:36:14 <chaosmonk> i wasn't able to get further than that when trying make-debian-installer, but hopefully fixing ubiquity will take care of that missing dependency dctrud ran into
16:40:15 <quidam> building cdrkit
16:40:26 <quidam> I also added it to the netinst dependency list
16:41:37 <chaosmonk> thanks. i need to run for a meeting but will be back in an hour or so. i think we're close to a netinstaller, just need to keep seeing what's blockinging it and building
16:42:08 <quidam> awesome! thanks chaosmonk
16:42:26 <chaosmonk> unless there are other unlisted dependencies, i don't think any more package helpers are blocking
16:42:35 <chaosmonk> gtg. talk to you later
16:47:30 <quidam> ok, all of his other RMs are WIP, so moving on
16:47:36 <quidam> Ark74: you had questions, right?
16:48:36 <quidam> something is wrong with your MR, there are no commits
16:49:23 <quidam> brb
17:01:03 <quidam> yeah, maintenance is here, I need to step out for a while
17:02:02 <Ark74> quidam, I'm back
17:02:18 <Ark74> (and everyone)
17:02:57 <Ark74> it's about the sane-backends package
17:11:19 <Ark74> I'm back, did I miss anything
17:11:22 <Ark74> ?
17:15:57 <Ark74> well, yeah. The sane-backends seems were failing, the upstream version (bionic) have updated the license on snprintf.c
17:16:33 <Ark74> but seems like since we have a helper for flidas we need a helper for new versions even we don't apply much change to it
17:17:32 <Ark74> http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/sane-backends/sane-backends_1.0.27.orig.tar.gz
17:17:36 <Ark74> ^ lib/snprintf.c
17:21:45 <Ark74> hmmm, let me check what happened with the MR
17:36:36 <Ark74> quidam, yeah, it was weird
17:36:51 <Ark74> but the MR now shows the changes
17:37:12 <Ark74> thanks for the heads up
17:37:42 <chaosmonk> quidam: i'm back, did i miss anything?
17:45:34 <chaosmonk> quidam: fyi, dctrud has left trisquel <https://listas.trisquel.info/pipermail/trisquel-users/2019-September/094523.html>
17:46:07 <chaosmonk> so we're down a set of hands, and the academic year is starting at my university so i'm about to be much busier
17:49:30 <chaosmonk> we aren't in bad shape though. almost all of the package helpers are building, and the few remaining broken ones aren't anything that should block releasing an iso <https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/status-package-helpers-etiona>
17:50:11 <chaosmonk> the default desktop probably still needs some work, but the icon and gtk themes are both fixed noww
17:52:02 <Ark74> yay! \o/
17:52:14 <Ark74> those are great news
17:58:27 <Ark74> I'll be taking a look at the backports for libreoffice
17:58:40 <Ark74> (etiona)
17:59:05 <Ark74> maybe this time it can be merged ;)
18:01:01 <Ark74> well guys if you come back later, I'll be around
18:01:12 <Ark74> cheers!
18:01:19 <chaosmonk> Ark74: later :)
18:01:32 <chaosmonk> quidam: can you also build grub2? that's the next thing blocking debian-installer
18:02:06 <chaosmonk> you'll also presumably need to build the kernel if you haven't already
20:26:22 <Ark74> question for anyone with experience on the builder
20:27:22 <Ark74> can I set on the builder a tmp repository that host missing packages?
20:28:17 <Ark74> missing dependencies I mean
20:29:01 <Ark74> manually build them then, host the binaries and keep going with the testing
20:33:08 <Ark74> hmmm, wait I guess the DEPENDS feature may solve the issue
20:33:20 <Ark74> let's test
20:39:27 <Ark74> :'(
20:39:39 <Ark74> no that won't do it
20:44:31 <Ark74> --extra-package= < to the rescue!
20:44:59 <chaosmonk> Ark74: i haven't tried this, but if you have your own local repo with missing packages, you could add it it sources.list https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/trisquel-builder/blob/master/sbuild-create.sh#L111
20:45:41 <chaosmonk> and then rerun ./sbuild-create.sh
20:46:31 <Ark74> sbuild can handle --extra-repository=
20:46:57 <Ark74> but somehow I need to build then upload then update, or just point to the file ;)
20:47:10 <Ark74> package.deb
20:47:50 <quidam> Ark74: the depends feature so far is just a manual reminder tag
20:47:53 <Ark74> I'll test, if it works, if not I guess I'll go for the repository way
20:48:07 <Ark74> ohh!
20:48:26 <quidam> the script to build the sbuild jails stablishes the list of repositories available during build, so you can list a local one there
20:48:35 <quidam> or it can be specified at runtime
20:48:41 <Ark74> thought it would build first the dependencies
20:48:56 <quidam> no, it is just a whishlist so far... :)
20:48:57 <Ark74> then use the output to build the main package
20:49:11 <Ark74> that would be awesome if possible
20:49:23 <Ark74> and very resource intensive
20:49:33 <Ark74> imagine the loops it would create
20:50:29 <quidam> it is the intention, to do that eventually
20:50:40 <quidam> the watchdog script handles one dependency case
20:50:58 <quidam> to prevent building the kernel metapackages if the binary kernel package has not been built
20:51:15 <quidam> ideally, that script should handle the DEPENDS field
20:51:58 <quidam> but it can also be done in a more "debianesque" way
20:52:14 <quidam> I have to disconnect for a bit, any urgent matters?
20:52:17 * quidam reads backlog
20:52:38 <Ark74> whern you find the time please check the sane-backends update
20:52:39 <Ark74> please
20:52:51 <Ark74> seems it has changes now
20:52:53 <Ark74> :P
20:55:18 <quidam> building grub2, linux and linux-meta
20:55:21 <quidam> chaosmonk: ^
20:55:37 <chaosmonk> quidam: great, thanks
20:56:22 <chaosmonk> assuming that make-debian-installer works once it's dependencies are met, is there anything left blocking the release of a trisquel 9 netinstall image?
20:56:54 <quidam> Ark74: could you make the changelog line explicit? "backport from bionic corrects artistic license issue" or something like that
20:57:00 <chaosmonk> quidam: and can you build ubiquity if you haven't already?
20:57:45 <Ark74> quidam, sure!
21:00:05 <quidam> chaosmonk: building ubiquity
21:00:12 <quidam> any others?
21:00:22 <Ark74> quidam, but this is not an actual backport, right? The helper is for etiona
21:01:13 <quidam> oh? then what does it do?
21:01:15 <Ark74> updated, description
21:01:22 <quidam> I misread, I thought it was for flidas
21:01:55 <quidam> do you mean for it to replace the non -updates version?
21:01:58 <chaosmonk> quidam: is there list of deps for makeiso.sh?
21:02:40 <quidam> chaosmonk: the makeiso file has a section for it, it uses the trisquel-meta and -recommended packages
21:02:46 <Ark74> quidam, yep, it's an dependency problem some programs can't upgrade to etiona versions
21:02:52 <Ark74> (if you upgraded from flidas)
21:03:20 <Ark74> thus updated the sane-backends heper for etiona
21:03:35 <quidam> the helper wouldn't do that, it would just update the package in etiona-updates
21:03:48 <quidam> with no changes
21:04:57 <quidam> wait, I'm confused
21:05:04 * quidam reads more on this
21:05:06 <Ark74> oh!!!
21:05:11 <Ark74> no
21:05:14 <Ark74> sorry
21:05:16 <quidam> is the package missing on etiona?
21:05:25 <Ark74> damn!
21:05:30 <Ark74> I got confused
21:05:50 <Ark74> nevermind got OS mixed
21:06:11 <Ark74> sorry, I'll check closer
21:06:24 <quidam> no problem
21:06:56 <quidam> I have to leave now, thanks everybody!
21:07:02 <quidam> #endmeeting