16:01:56 <quidam> #startmeeting 30/Aug/2019
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16:02:30 <quidam> sorry for my absence last couple weeks, I was in spain and portugal with my family
16:02:37 <quidam> how have things been over here?
16:04:04 <dctrud> busy with work for me
16:04:39 <davidpgil[m]> same
16:04:44 <quidam> any pending merge reviews?
16:04:48 <quidam> hi daroal
16:05:27 <daroal> hi!
16:05:40 <dctrud> nothing pending from me - I started looking at make-thunderbird for icedove 60... and have something building but not anything like finished
16:06:33 <bandali> in recent news, i gave up on having the csc mirror listed on the mirmon :p
16:07:29 <quidam> bandali: :(
16:07:39 <quidam> ok, I'll do that right now
16:08:09 <dctrud> quidam: I did note etiona doesn't have any libvirt packages available, but there is no package-helper/purge (there was a helper in flidas)
16:08:16 <daroal> bandali: sorry about that, I've got no excuse
16:09:39 <bandali> quidam, daroal, no problem, and thank you both; i understand y’all are busy and/or have more important things to tend to
16:10:16 <quidam> bandali: url?
16:11:31 <bandali> quidam, mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/trisquel/
16:11:31 <quidam> dctrud: I'll investigate the libvirt thing in a minute
16:11:37 <bandali> we have http, https, rsync, and ftp
16:12:19 <quidam> bandali: added
16:12:43 <quidam> to mirmon, there are other places that need adding too
16:13:26 <bandali> quidam, great, thanks! i’ll check mirmon later and confirm :)
16:15:22 <bandali> quidam, i also had a couple of gnuzilla-related questions
16:15:57 <bandali> 1. is the gnuzilla-dev ml to be used at all? or is it retired?
16:16:16 <quidam> bandali: I'm reorganizing all of that soon
16:16:35 <quidam> I'll publish a list of tasks to work on, and be more on top of the list
16:17:10 <bandali> awesome, thanks! i’m hoping to put in some time and perhaps become a co-maintainer later this fall :)
16:17:14 <bandali> 2. are you aware of the “signing into sync” issue with icecat?
16:17:28 <bandali> there were a couple posts on bug-gnuzilla about it
16:18:24 <quidam> bandali: that would be great!
16:18:40 <quidam> the sync feature has always been tricky to maintain
16:18:49 <quidam> it should work when rebasing to 68
16:22:44 <bandali> :)
16:22:48 <bandali> sounds good quidam
16:23:07 <bandali> i haven’t been keeping track; has there been any work for the rebase?
16:23:20 <bandali> (assuming esr 68 is even out?)
16:24:30 <quidam> it is out soon
16:24:53 <quidam> the rebase of the general changes comes from the abrowser commits
16:25:05 <bandali> wonderful; thanks for all your hard work quidam :)
16:25:09 <quidam> so most of the problems have already been dealt with
16:25:16 <dctrud> on the icedove stuff... https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/231 is enough to get it to build... but I'm fast out of my depth on whether there are issues from the quantum bits coming in in new icedove
16:25:20 <quidam> the main task to work on is the about:home feature
16:25:32 <quidam> the checkboxes to enable/disable features
16:25:49 <bandali> right
16:25:50 <bandali> i see
16:25:51 <quidam> that needs a full rewrite because they changed the apis upstream
16:26:17 <bandali> i think there was also a typo in the vendor file of either abrowser or icecat lately; i forget which
16:27:05 <quidam> yes, that should be working now
16:27:38 <bandali> cool
16:29:05 <bandali> i think indeed having a good task list and docs would be very helpful for potential contributors like me
16:30:37 <quidam> dctrud: libvirt fixed
16:30:58 <quidam> bandali: yes, it has been a pending task for me, and high priority now
16:33:38 <bandali> awesome
16:35:13 <dctrud> quidam: thanks!
16:35:40 <quidam> dctrud: the thunderbird one looks good
16:36:03 <quidam> I see you took ideas from the abrowser one
16:36:16 <dctrud> quidam: it's not quite right... the icon appears as a broken egg on my plank dock
16:37:13 <dctrud> yeah - I shamelessly copied stuff from there... I understand thunderbird 60 is sort of half-way to the newer firefox codebase r.e. XUL vs webextensions and so on?
16:38:46 <quidam> yes
16:39:04 <quidam> the egg thing is the "daily" build artwork
16:39:19 <dctrud> aside from the icon issue, the default duckduckgo does not work either... and there's amazon in the search options still
16:39:20 <quidam> it should be easy to replace, but in the meantime it is better than using the old one
16:39:44 <quidam> dctrud: search on thunderbird? where?
16:40:22 <dctrud> Preferences -> General -> Default Search Engine
16:43:41 <dctrud> I'll try and fix the icon issue when I can. I've taken the WIP off that PR... and noted what's to-do instead.
16:44:07 <dctrud> I'm not sure when I'll have much time tbh as busy work and family stuff for the next month or so
16:44:34 <bandali> btw, speaking of search engines, someone was complaining about difficulty of adding custom search engines to either abrowser or icecat
16:44:37 <bandali> i think it was icecat
16:44:39 <bandali> it was a while ago
16:44:48 <bandali> it’d be great if that could be looked into
16:46:24 <chaosmonk> bandali: it's very easy in abrowser. go to the web page of the search engine, click the three dots toward the right of the url bar, and select "add search engine"
16:47:17 <quidam> dctrud: but how do you search? I've never done that (or needed that on an email client)
16:47:45 <quidam> bandali: during build? it is just adding an xml file iirc
16:48:03 <quidam> the helpers have examples of that, we add the trisquel search
16:48:43 <chaosmonk> bandali: this doesn't work in icecat, so my guess is that the feature was added after esr60 and will be present in icecat 68
16:49:18 <dctrud> quidam: no idea how the search engine is used... I've never used it in thunderbird either - is it just a useless carryover in the prefs from the browser specific code?
16:50:14 <quidam> I think that is low priority
16:51:13 <dctrud> ok - I think a newer icedove is relatively important right? As flidas/xenial has 60.8 too... as it's coming from security updates
16:52:09 <dctrud> (i mean xenial upstream is 60.8 too... and flidas is on 52)
16:53:01 <chaosmonk> quidam, dctrud: i'm not an icecat user, but it looks like search works by right clicking and searching for selected text <https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/open-search>
16:53:36 <dctrud> ahh - yes... that's where it is chaosmonk
16:53:54 <dctrud> thanks for pointing that out... I use it all the time and have never noticed :-)
16:56:48 <bandali> chaosmonk, ah i see. i meant in icecat. so we should just wait for 68
16:57:01 <bandali> quidam, no i meant in the browser interface itself
16:57:18 <quidam> dctrud: I merged the thunderbird changes
16:57:39 <bandali> but as chaosmonk said apparently this is somehow a new feature, not present in 60
16:57:41 <quidam> it is better with issues than outdated security patches
16:59:52 <dctrud> quidam: okay cool - I'll try to get to tidy-up. In that case though (security) it likely should be in flidas too... same version is in xenial upstream as bionic now. I don't have a flidas machine or VM to test on though, I'm afraid.
17:01:26 <chaosmonk> quidam: along those lines, flidas still has icecat 52. is that a security issue?
17:03:30 <quidam> chaosmonk: that should not be, checking
17:13:07 <quidam> yeah, I need to fix some things there
17:13:16 <quidam> well, I'm running out of time now
17:13:30 <quidam> I'm moving houses tomorrow and I need to pack...
17:13:34 <quidam> any other topics?
17:14:09 <chaosmonk> i have nothing that can't wait until next week
17:14:17 <chaosmonk> i just finished moving. it sucks. gooduck
17:14:19 <dctrud> have a good move
17:14:21 <chaosmonk> *good luck
17:14:48 <quidam> thanks!
17:14:52 <quidam> #endmeeting