16:01:46 <quidam> #startmeeting 26/Jul/2019
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16:01:57 <quidam> hi everybody!
16:02:25 <quidam> how are y'all doing?
16:03:07 <dctrud> Good thanks. Pleasant (for summer) day in Dallas.
16:03:57 <daroal> Hi, Trisquel friends!
16:05:51 <quidam> I'm checking the build queue
16:06:34 <quidam> seems like abrowser is failing to build still
16:07:01 <quidam> outdated cargo and rust...
16:08:11 <quidam> that's a repo issue, checking
16:10:24 <chaosmonk> quidam: have you ever considered basing abrowser on esr like icecat? it seems like cleaning up after mozilla with each new release takes up a lot of your time, and in an otherwise lts distro abrowser seems to be the package that causes most problems for forum users
16:11:09 <quidam> last week bandali was asking why don't I base icecat on non-esr like abrowser...
16:11:13 <quidam> :D
16:11:27 <chaosmonk> you can't win :)
16:13:19 <chaosmonk> otoh, maybe dealing with mozilla changes several at a time with each firefox release is easier than dealing with them all at once with each esr release?
16:13:43 <quidam> not really, it becomes a big task and gets delayed further
16:13:56 <quidam> better to deal with small changes every now and then
16:14:03 <quidam> imo
16:14:24 <quidam> there are less issues lately, the process is much simpler
16:14:33 <quidam> the error today is about repos, the helper is probably fine
16:15:42 <daroal> I think it's also being harder lately to keep up because the team at Mozilla has been making all those visible changes regarding privacy which they had neglected previously
16:16:18 <daroal> but I guess they will soon enter a period of less changes in this regard
16:19:09 <quidam> I think cron is broken in the dev server...
16:22:28 <bandali> hey quidam, are there any updates on the csclub mirror being added to trisquel’s mirmon?
16:23:14 <quidam> daroal: ^
16:24:05 <chaosmonk> quidam: after upgrading to abrowser 67, among other problems, a firefox sync icon appeared on my toolbar. this also happened on several friends' computers. things like this might keep happening as mozilla focuses more on firefox account integration <https://blog.mozilla.org/sumo/2019/06/07/sumo-platform-roadmap/>
16:24:49 <quidam> chaosmonk: in what sense is that a problem?
16:27:17 <daroal> bandali: sorry, I've been late in my tasks, I'll add it today
16:28:02 <chaosmonk> maybe it's not. it seemed like it might be a branding issue, since it mentions firefox, but i suppose that's different from claiming that abrowser is firefox, it's just calling the account a firefox account, which is accurate
16:31:34 <bandali> daroal, thank you :)
16:34:07 <dctrud> is there any way to see status of helpers in etiona easily... e.g. which are failing etc. I know chasmonk posted detail on the wiki - but is there any output from the automate builds to see?
16:36:23 <quidam> chaosmonk: so, afaik the browser doesn't say firefox (if it does it can be corrected), but the server side does
16:37:07 <quidam> as in, it only says Firefox Sync when what you see is a page being fetched from mozilla
16:37:15 <quidam> we don't control that part, so it is fine
16:37:41 <quidam> dctrud: build status can be tracked at http://jenkins.trisquel.info:8085/
16:47:21 <dctrud> quidam: are there etiona builds in there? I can't find any looking around yet - but I may be blind
16:48:33 <quidam> dctrud: you raise a great point, something is wrong there
16:50:22 <quidam> there was a problem in the watchdog script, it should work now
16:50:35 <quidam> I'll trigger it as soon as the cron run finishes
16:50:48 <quidam> that one is for fixing repo sync problems
16:50:55 <quidam> still figuring it out
17:00:14 <quidam> I'm going to have some lunch and continue after
17:01:09 <dctrud> lunch sounds good
19:12:59 <quidam> I corrected some cron settings and syncronized the repos
19:13:25 <quidam> I also made changes to the watchdog script, to automatically build etiona, and to build any missing packages too
19:13:37 <quidam> before, it was set to only build updates, but not new packages
19:14:07 <quidam> I think it is better to make it build even if the build may fail, that way there is a build log and contributors can work on the helpers
19:14:16 <quidam> running the watchdog now
19:14:39 <quidam> I also fixed a problem in abrowser
19:15:59 <quidam> actually, I'll run the watchdog in a minute, first cherry-picking the changes to abrowser to both belenos and etiona
19:25:27 <Ark74> quidam, is there a path to test already?
19:25:32 <Ark74> (etiona)
19:26:17 <Ark74> by manual upgrade belenos, netinstall etiona, ubuntu mate with changed repositories?
19:27:02 <quidam> Ark74: so far the only method is to debootstrap etiona. you can install mate in it
19:27:28 <quidam> ok, done with abrowser fixes
19:27:39 <quidam> now running a large build batch
19:29:03 <quidam> 33 packages in the queue
19:29:11 <quidam> and I'll leave for now
19:29:12 <Ark74> yay!
19:29:55 <Ark74> well, I've being busy but hopefully next month I'll be able to work on libreoffice helper part.2
19:30:07 <Ark74> take care!
19:31:02 <quidam> thanks everybody!
19:31:05 <quidam> #endmeeting