16:07:33 <quidam> #startmeeting 19/Jul/2019
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16:07:49 <quidam> how is everybody doing?
16:08:28 <valessio> Guys, I haven't had updates since last month. I'm in Brazil and this week started the Debian Conference (https://debconf19.debconf.org). I am attending the conference.
16:09:11 <quidam> valessio: that is fine, we all work when we can
16:09:20 <quidam> how is the conference going? I'm jealous
16:10:38 * quidam checks MRs
16:10:52 <valessio> Today ends DebCamp. Tomorrow will be great, it is OpenDay to anyone/participant. The day after tomorrow DebConf begins. It's great to see some people we only know from IRC or mailing lists.
16:11:22 <quidam> nice
16:14:34 <quidam> merged the hkp request
16:16:27 <quidam> and adefno's one too
16:18:35 <quidam> any outstanding package problems to look into?
16:18:45 <quidam> I'm checking stale builds
16:19:09 <quidam> abrowser is not building again
16:28:41 <quidam> almost fixed...
16:30:14 <bandali> hey quidam, not sure if you saw my question a couple days ago, but i was wondering what you think about making abrowser part of gnuzilla?
16:31:20 <quidam> bandali: I saw, but had not time to give a good reply at the time
16:31:50 <bandali> ha :)
16:33:12 <quidam> I don't think it would make sense
16:33:35 <quidam> although the two codebases are closely related, the aim is different
16:34:27 <quidam> abrowser aims more towards a standard browser experience, and icecat makes no compromises
16:34:59 <dctrud> (hi all - joining late, apologies)
16:36:27 <bandali> quidam, i see, thanks; that’s a good point. in that case, have there been considerations about a non-esr icecat? i’d probably switch from abrowser to icecat it if it weren’t lagging so far behind :/
16:37:39 <quidam> hi dctrud, no worries
16:37:50 <quidam> dctrud: I just merged your keyserver MR
16:38:35 <quidam> bandali: I'd love to be able to produce a non-esr icecat, but upstream moves a bit too fast to keep up
16:39:01 <quidam> the main blocker nowadays is the about:home feature
16:39:15 <dctrud> quidam: cool - I closed the related PR I'd opened for the trisquel-build repo with the same change for now, as hkps doesn't seem to work in the sbuild chroot - need to look into more
16:39:18 <bandali> quidam, yay, so it’s not completely out of the question
16:39:22 <quidam> it is very important to be able to show the most disrupting settings upfront
16:39:30 <bandali> yeah
16:39:36 <quidam> but at this point it needs to be reimplemented from scratch
16:39:52 <quidam> upstream keeps changing the apis that control that stuff
16:40:21 * bandali sighs -_-
16:40:57 <dctrud> is there a list of ubuntu things kept out of the etiona repos? I was looking for a purge list as I was curious how much is missing for gnome to work
16:41:00 <quidam> as per making abrowser easier to port to other distros, that would be cool. idk what would I need to change to facilitate that
16:41:29 <bandali> i’d like to start hacking on abrowser and/or icecat
16:41:37 <bandali> are they “easily” buildable?
16:41:41 <quidam> dctrud: do you mean https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/ubuntu-purge ?
16:42:03 <dctrud> quidam: yeah - there doesn't seem to be a `purge-bionic` there
16:42:14 <quidam> bandali: yeah, just some (quite heavy) bash scripts
16:42:29 <bandali> damn haha
16:42:49 <quidam> dctrud: huh, let me see what did I mess up now... :D
16:42:54 <bandali> i guess i’ll have a look at how guix builds it
16:43:13 <quidam> bandali: for icecat, use the git repo on savannah
16:43:24 <quidam> for abrowser, the make-firefox helper
16:43:35 <bandali> thanks, will have a look
16:43:42 <quidam> they are similar, but icecat is modified a lot more
16:43:50 <bandali> makes sense
16:44:54 <bandali> quidam, btw, regarding Trisquel, i was kinda curious, was debian ever considered as the base distro, or were there clear reasons/benefits for going with ubuntu?
16:45:10 <quidam> the ethernal question
16:45:24 <bandali> hehe
16:45:27 <quidam> it started as being based on debian, actually
16:45:56 <quidam> we changed mostly because of the release schedule
16:46:25 <quidam> and ubuntu being a more desktop-centric distro at the time, which made it easier to use, and more popular
16:47:39 <bandali> oh! gotcha
16:47:50 <bandali> are we too deep into it now to consider debian again? :p
16:48:04 <dctrud> (unrelated) wanted to mentions I've been working in the kde-plasma-desktop environment for a week on Etonia, and all good so far
16:48:24 <quidam> bandali: there are other projects tracking debian (idk how active, though)
16:48:53 <quidam> and then there would be nobody making a free ubuntu derivative
16:49:07 <bandali> :D
16:52:40 <quidam> dctrud: added purge-bionic
16:53:03 <quidam> dctrud: great to hear! I want to try kde again, it has been a while
16:54:49 <quidam> just fixed the abrowser helper
16:55:04 <dctrud> (several) years ago I used to mainly use KDE... trying it for the first time in a while, and I really like it
16:55:58 <quidam> now building abrowser
16:56:28 <quidam> alright, any other topics?
16:59:59 <quidam> I'll take that as a no :D
17:01:13 <dctrud> most useful thing I could look at?
17:01:22 <dctrud> (given maybe 3-4 hours to put to it)
17:55:32 <quidam> dctrud: you could review merge requests, comment on the ones that look ready to merge
18:00:59 <quidam> #endmeeting