16:22:49 <quidam> #startmeeting jun 28
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16:23:59 <quidam> well, work is kinda crazy for me these days, so I don't have a lot of updates
16:24:32 <quidam> the main one I have, is that at the FSF we are set to move to a new colo on monday
16:24:41 <quidam> if everything goes well with third parties, that is
16:25:10 <davidpgil[m]> colo?
16:25:23 <quidam> server colocation, datacenter
16:25:40 <davidpgil[m]> ah ok
16:25:44 <valessio> nice!
16:25:58 <quidam> at that new place there will be a lot of room for community servers, so the new trisquel devel machine can go in anytime after that
16:26:26 <quidam> so I hope we can put it in in july and bring it up to speed
16:26:47 <quidam> we have part of the hardware, I'll order storage and some other pieces
16:27:23 <quidam> I'll try to recycle an old server chassis from a decomission FSF machine, if that is possible
16:28:28 <quidam> sadly that is pretty much all I have, I've been swamped :/
16:28:53 <bandali> exciting stuff nonetheless!
16:29:00 <quidam> valessio: I guess you were probably busy too?
16:29:24 <valessio> quidam: yes.. :/
16:29:48 <bandali> i had a report/suggestion with regards to window decorations: i find trisquel’s default “- + x” window buttons pretty small and somewhat hard to click
16:29:51 <quidam> well, that is a good thing too
16:30:01 <valessio> quidam: I would like to open the wwwdev environment for community comments.
16:30:07 <bandali> i find the larger circular buttons e.g. in the BlueMenta theme to be a nicer experience
16:30:21 <quidam> bandali: yeah, those are not the best. I was going for a minimal look but I went too far maybe
16:30:29 <quidam> and it is not consistent with abrowser anymore
16:30:37 <bandali> ahaha
16:30:45 <bandali> right, that’s the next thing i wanted to mention
16:31:23 <quidam> valessio: did you make new changes?
16:31:27 <bandali> if in abrowser you do Customize and uncheck “Title Bar”, the window buttons are completely messed up
16:31:54 <bandali> all three buttons appear as x (close button)
16:32:01 <bandali> and it looks even worse when maximized
16:32:09 <valessio> quidam: I have not made any changes in the last 2 weeks.
16:32:29 <valessio> feel blocked;
16:33:31 <quidam> it is ok, just checking. if you feel ready for comments go for it
16:33:49 <bandali> quidam, have you noticed this issue? can it be fixed pretty please? :)
16:34:10 <quidam> but is it a good time for that? will you have time to reply? otherwise it is better to wait for when you are free. don't try to do too much at a time!
16:35:15 <quidam> bandali: I noticed it, I just didn't have time to work on it
16:35:30 <quidam> bandali: do you have experience with gtk themeing?
16:36:22 <bandali> quidam, i see. very little, but with some pointers, i may be able to help with it
16:39:00 <quidam> the thing is that on that case I don't really know where to look
16:40:04 <bandali> ah ok np, i’ll see if i can figure anything out
16:41:10 <quidam> I guess at /usr/share/themes/Trisquel/gtk-3.0/window-controls
16:42:03 <bandali> right
16:42:28 <bandali> i’ll also see if mozilla does some theming on their side
16:42:51 <bandali> thanks
16:44:02 <quidam> thanks to you!
16:45:27 <bandali> :)
16:46:38 <bandali> oh btw i think there was recently a 0day for firefox. does our latest abrowser contain fixes for it?
16:47:12 <bandali> ha, actually, it seems it only affected macOS?
16:48:58 <quidam> there have been several updates
16:49:06 <quidam> I'm checking what is our last build
16:50:35 <bandali> ha, thanks for looking into it
16:57:19 <quidam> ok, I have to wrap it up here, sorry
16:57:24 <quidam> we have an office lunch
16:57:30 <quidam> thanks everybody!
16:57:35 <quidam> #endmeeting