15:59:37 <quidam> #startmeeting 14/Jun/2019
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15:59:46 <quidam> hi everybody!
16:00:26 <davidpgil[m]> :waves:
16:00:30 <quidam> chaosmonk: the wwwdev site is behind a firewall, valessio will open it up when it is ready for review
16:00:46 <quidam> valessio: are you there?
16:01:19 * bandali waves
16:02:04 <freddd> quidam, I am telling you, Bing Search integration and hit that target demographic up to 60+ year olds and Trisquel will be booming.
16:02:16 <quidam> valessio: for when you read this: I see in the wwwdev site that it downloads bootstrap from an external server
16:02:31 <freddd> Maybe throw in a Trisquel monitor stand for $999.
16:03:12 <quidam> our sites need to deliver everything themselves, no delegation
16:04:55 <quidam> I'm working on some fixes to the devel server, it has been failing to build packages due to certificate issues
16:05:55 <quidam> working on the last details right now
16:05:58 <quidam> one sec
16:06:56 <quidam> almost done
16:07:46 <quidam> I see that icecat 60 still hasn't made it into the repos
16:07:52 <quidam> I wonder if the problem is related
16:09:08 <chaosmonk> quidam: did you have a chance last week to look into why those a/v backports haven't made it into the repos either?
16:10:18 <quidam> chaosmonk: I just saw that too
16:10:23 <quidam> I think it may all be connected
16:12:51 <quidam> hmmm
16:13:43 <quidam> while I look into the problem, has there been anything that may need follow-up at the forum/lists lately?
16:13:53 <chaosmonk> quidam: "apt purge rhythmbox && apt install rhythmbox && vim /usr/share/applications/rhythmbox.desktop": the rhythmbox build you made around the same time *did* make it into the repos
16:16:40 <chaosmonk> quidam: nothing big in the forum, but i ran into something weird. i had been lending a laptop to a friend and got it back yesterday and update. after that, there was an icon in the toolbar that prompted me to sync with firefox account
16:17:00 <quidam> found it
16:17:15 <quidam> the backports repo in etiona was not pulling from the devel server
16:17:27 <quidam> packages are being added now
16:17:56 <quidam> chaosmonk: done
16:18:32 <chaosmonk> nice!
16:18:35 <quidam> chaosmonk: did you have sync set up?
16:18:59 <quidam> that is a new feature in 60.7, but I think it should only happen if sync is set up, it should not invite you otherwise
16:19:06 <quidam> I mean 67
16:20:10 <chaosmonk> it did not appear to be set up, but maybe he had set it up and then unsynced before returning the laptop. since if haven't run into this on my other machines it's probably not something you need to worry about unless someone else reports it
16:20:20 <iank_> debhelper package is broken in backports, has been for a while https://trisquel.info/en/issues/25709
16:20:35 <quidam> iank_: what version is that?
16:20:59 <quidam> argh, 11 made its way back?
16:21:05 <iank_> 11.1.6ubuntu1+8.0trisquel2
16:21:13 <quidam> removing...
16:25:41 <chaosmonk> quidam: a few weeks ago you suggested we look into ubuntu mate for ideas. it looks like they've added a new menu called "brisk menu" https://github.com/solus-project/brisk-menu
16:25:51 <quidam> iank_: removed
16:26:03 <iank_> thanks!
16:26:34 <quidam> chaosmonk: "Stupid-fast"
16:26:39 <chaosmonk> it's a bit like whisker menu if you've ever used xfce, but snappier. one thing that always bothered me about trisquel's menu was the lack of a search bar
16:26:44 <quidam> I guess it is better than fast-stupid
16:26:50 <chaosmonk> lol
16:27:06 <quidam> can the icon be customized?
16:27:20 <chaosmonk> it is fast though. whisker menu and mate's cinnamon-like menu often lag
16:27:33 <quidam> I like the look, very clean
16:27:40 <chaosmonk> yes, i was able to customize it with dconf-editor
16:27:45 <quidam> is it packaged in ubuntu?
16:27:57 <chaosmonk> in 18.04
16:28:04 <quidam> we could backport it
16:28:35 <chaosmonk> also, the word "menu" can be removed, so we can keep the look of the panel the same
16:28:51 <quidam> yeah
16:29:04 * Ark74 arrives to the meeting
16:29:22 <quidam> does the icon scale if you make the panel thicker?
16:29:54 <chaosmonk> don't remember. booting up my etiona machine
16:31:15 <quidam> you got mate installed on it?
16:31:24 <chaosmonk> yeah
16:31:35 <quidam> did you need to add the ubuntu repo for missing things?
16:31:52 <chaosmonk> most DEs weren't installable last time i chacked, but mate and xfce are
16:31:59 <quidam> oh, nice
16:32:06 <quidam> you should post a screenshot!
16:32:41 <Ark74> chaosmonk, I tried the mate menu under ubuntu 18.04
16:33:01 <Ark74> ubuntu-mate and it break at every click
16:33:10 <Ark74> did you had that issue too?
16:33:49 <Ark74> or is brisk-menu other than the default one
16:34:01 <chaosmonk> Ark74: yeah, brisk is not the default
16:34:11 <Ark74> ohh
16:34:13 <Ark74> cool!
16:34:16 <chaosmonk> although i didn't run into problems with the default either
16:34:40 <chaosmonk> quidam: the icon scales
16:34:55 <quidam> I misunderstood you, no backport needed
16:35:07 <Ark74> cool
16:36:22 <quidam> what is the default for network manager in 18.04?
16:36:40 <quidam> I think I remember something about network-manager being replaced?
16:37:26 <quidam> systemd-network ?
16:38:19 <chaosmonk> not sure about the default, but it's still in the repos. it's what i've been using and it works fine
16:39:49 * quidam checks
16:39:59 <quidam> devel is now running package builds
16:40:50 <bandali> apparently mate has transitioned to gtk3 in 1.18 or so? i haven’t tried it, but when we get to it, can we please make sure the convenient key bindings will continue to work? e.g. ‘backspace for up’ in the file manager
16:41:46 <Ark74> bandali, mate still uses nemo, right?
16:42:20 <bandali> i believe so? i absolutely hate what the gnome folks have done to nautilus et al in gtk3/gnome3
16:42:20 <chaosmonk> Ark74: caja
16:42:20 <Ark74> mate (18.04)
16:42:44 <bandali> i’m just hoping that’s not something that would trickle over the mate’s apps with the transition to gtk3
16:42:49 <Ark74> chaosmonk, isn't that just the translation name?
16:43:43 <chaosmonk> oh, maybe
16:44:36 <chaosmonk> well, i have the "caja" package installed but not "nemo", which makes it seem like it's a different thing
16:45:11 <Ark74> mmmh, I already deleted my mate vm
16:45:18 <Ark74> (and iso) :P
16:45:32 <Ark74> so can't check right now
16:45:55 <quidam> seems like ubuntu-mate 18.04 still uses nm
16:46:18 <quidam> I hope the issues with nm-applet are fixed...
16:47:42 <chaosmonk> what was wrong with nm-applet?
16:48:29 <quidam> after suspending sometimes it doesn't list the networks
16:48:36 <quidam> or it dissapears altogether
16:51:21 <chaosmonk> hm. never ran into that with flidas, and it's been working fine in etiona with xfce, but it does dissappear in mate
16:52:56 <chaosmonk> i misremembered how the icon works with brisk menu. it uses the start-here icon from the icon theme, and i could have sworn it was using the trisquel logo at some point, but now it's gnome. i've been having other problems though with trisquel's icon theme in etiona
16:53:17 <chaosmonk> and the gtk theme. i'll post a screenshot on the issue tracker in a sec
16:56:13 <quidam> thanks
17:00:11 <chaosmonk> https://trisquel.info/en/issues/25875
17:02:07 <chaosmonk> the icon thing happens with gtk3 only. it was an issue in flidas as well, but not very noticeable since mate used gtk2 at the time
17:03:06 <quidam> woah, yeah, the theme needs work...
17:08:02 <quidam> ok, I have to wrap it here
17:08:15 <quidam> #endmeeting