16:00:58 <quidam> #startmeeting Fri 07/Jun/2019
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16:01:07 <quidam> hi everybody!
16:01:31 <valessio> hi quidam  ;)
16:02:15 <quidam> valessio: I just saw your email but didn't have time to read
16:02:24 <quidam> do you want to update first?
16:03:00 <valessio> no problems. sure!
16:03:07 <valessio> #topic Website migrate
16:03:22 <valessio> Trisnity`: #topic Website Migrate
16:03:22 <Trisnity`> valessio: Error: "#topic" is not a valid command.
16:03:54 <valessio> ok, Trisnity`  :/
16:04:06 <valessio> Sorry.
16:04:17 <valessio> I create issues for organize the next tasks https://devel.trisquel.info/artwork/trisquel-d8-theme/issues
16:04:38 <valessio> I am also documenting the progress in them...
16:05:40 <valessio> I added the style of the forum (small), I was reviewing the documentation on the wiki (translate) and customizing the user profile (/user/profile)
16:06:39 <quidam> sounds good, I see the improvements on the site
16:06:53 <quidam> one thing that we want to preserve is the list of contributors to wiki pages
16:07:10 <valessio> Let's set a date to open wwwdev for community testing/comment? or are we going to release?
16:07:27 <quidam> good point
16:07:31 <valessio> The necessary items are to adjust the navigation and review the translations.
16:08:21 <quidam> you can make the schedule
16:10:25 <quidam> I think the navigation needs to be more polished before opening for comment
16:10:32 <valessio> I will need help to make the download page. I thought about doing JS (inspired:  http://get.debian.net/js/getdebian.js ), but that would not be compatible no-JS. Or I can do static ( )http://wwwdev.trisquel.info/en/download2 ).
16:10:38 <quidam> and maybe the template for forum threads
16:10:53 <quidam> I can fix the download page
16:13:00 <valessio> sure, for advanced forum customization, I have not yet had success with the module  advanced-forum https://devel.trisquel.info/artwork/trisquel-d8-theme/issues/1
16:14:21 <valessio> Thanks for helping with the download page, this will be good. I see there's a lot of code to customize/modules. As it is my first contact with Drupal, I am not sure that I can do everything myself.
16:14:42 <quidam> I can't login, though
16:15:04 <valessio> The idea of having issues in trisquel-dev-gitlab is to get more collaboration from the community.
16:15:27 <quidam> valessio: the forum display can be tuned up via the content types display settings, plus css
16:18:32 <valessio> I was trying to activate in the forum some module (like libravatar) to display profile image and other information/things. I've done a style for formatting the content. But he needed to render some advanced elements.
16:19:23 <quidam> ok, I'm in now
16:20:02 <quidam> http://wwwdev.trisquel.info/es/admin/structure/types/manage/forum/display
16:20:41 <quidam> that lets you reorder the fields and other settings
16:22:15 <valessio> This next week I will attend the DrupalNorth.org conference and I will have a workshop on Theming;   In the opportunity I will ask questions with local people with more experience.   ;)
16:22:48 <quidam> awesome! where?
16:24:08 <valessio> But I confess that we have made good progress. If you set a date for community comments, I suggest after the next meeting 14/06. With a usable forum and improved navigation.
16:24:42 <valessio> Here in Montreal,  Drupal North Conference.
16:25:44 <quidam> valessio: the key item for further progress is learning about custom templates
16:26:06 <quidam> in d6 we used contemplate, a module that has been deprecated
16:26:25 <quidam> in d7-8 you need to create template files in your theme directory
16:26:43 <quidam> they can be created per content type, eg a template for the forum display
16:27:29 <quidam> those templates are full php, so you can run api calls. you can for example, display the user avatar
16:27:40 <quidam> or load a view
16:28:22 <quidam> it is not all that different from contemplate
16:28:46 <quidam> eg, this is the template for the wiki in the current site
16:28:48 <quidam> https://trisquel.info/en/admin/content/node-type/book/template
16:29:07 <quidam> prints the body and underneath it prints the contributors (that function is defined in a custom module)
16:29:22 <quidam> so for d8 it may need to be rewritten, but the concept is the same
16:30:45 <quidam> there are api calls to load and render a view, that is very powerful
16:32:35 <quidam> for example, you can create a view that lists the last 5 donors, or the list of contributors to a wiki page
16:33:00 <quidam> then in the template for the wiki page content type, you use the api to display that view
16:33:15 <valessio> I'm trying to debug a problem with user Avatar. It looks like it was not migrated correctly. I spent a lot of time trying to make it appear in profile. This is another possible "big bug".   But, oky..  Thank you for this information;
16:39:31 <quidam> seems like the field is empty
16:42:12 <valessio> The text content has been migrated. But I think the references to images may have been lost.
16:42:27 <quidam> where is that?
16:42:33 <quidam> the text
16:42:50 <quidam> user__user_picture?
16:45:23 <valessio> user information, profile creation date, etc. The field to attach image, I think not.
16:45:34 <quidam> I mean in the db
16:45:39 <quidam> I'm looking around...
16:47:01 <quidam> https://www.drupal.org/files/Drupal8_UPsitesWeb_Schema_10-19-2013.png
16:47:02 <quidam> useful
16:47:27 <valessio> http://wwwdev.trisquel.info/en/admin/config/people/accounts/display
16:48:04 <quidam> I saw that but the users don't have their images listed
16:48:11 <valessio> I did not look in db, sorry. I'm trying to do as many things through the interface /admin and less code.
16:48:30 <quidam> the user_revision table is missing
16:49:53 <quidam> user__user_picture has one entry
16:50:12 <quidam> I think there was an upgrade problem, we will have to look into that
16:53:05 <quidam> this is why the download page is empty:
16:53:07 <quidam> https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/php/overview
16:55:46 <valessio-again> go back.. My connection in Riot/Matrix was being interrupted.
16:56:17 <quidam> I think the download page needs to be re-written as a module or as a template
16:56:32 <quidam> the code from the current one can be reused
16:56:45 <quidam> but I think it is better not to install the php filter module
16:57:00 <quidam> ok, other topics?
16:57:28 <Ark74> quidam, any news on etiona?
16:57:46 <quidam> hehe
16:57:57 <valessio-again> I can design and help implement a beautiful download page. I did http://get.debian.net 5 or 8 years ago. The proposal is to download quickly, with just a click.
16:58:57 <Ark74> quidam, xD not much I guess
16:59:23 <quidam> it is just a click now, but it could be simplified
16:59:43 <quidam> it could have automated mirror selection, and a better layout
17:01:07 <quidam> the current code handles collecting stats and showing the appropriate information page after the download is resolved
17:01:20 <quidam> and works in text mode (no js)
17:02:28 <quidam> ok, I have to leave soon
17:02:50 <quidam> updates from my side are not much this week, but I managed to finish the packaging of icecat in debian format
17:02:56 <quidam> which has been pending for too long
17:03:16 <quidam> so icecat 60.7 will be in trisquel right away
17:03:49 <quidam> another comment is that the ssl certs expired yesterday
17:04:07 <quidam> renewal is not automated properly because the virtual machines are very old
17:04:16 <quidam> the new website would solve that
17:04:52 <quidam> I have to wrap up for today, but I'll be around if anybody has other topics
17:05:14 <Ark74> I too have to leave
17:05:23 <Ark74> thanks guys
17:05:26 <Ark74> thanks Trisnity`
17:06:36 <valessio-again> ok, cheers
17:06:53 <valessio-again> I'm leaving too, and I'm going back in 40 minutes. I ended up connecting on a public wifi network and this one really bad.
17:08:57 <quidam> #endmeeting