16:03:08 <quidam> #startmeeting Fri, 31 May 2019
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16:03:16 <quidam> hi everybody!
16:03:51 <quidam> the first item I wanted to discuss is abrowser
16:04:08 <quidam> last version compiled from upstream without needing any tweaks, which is great
16:04:38 <quidam> the only downside is that some upstream "features" get applied without vetting
16:05:03 <quidam> version 67 has 2 things I don't think we want
16:05:24 <quidam> one is that extensions can now be enabled or disabled in private browsing mode, per extension
16:05:34 <quidam> that is good, but the default is to disable them all in private mode
16:05:46 <quidam> opinions?
16:06:20 <bandali> hmm, i think at the very least our extensions (librejs, …) should be enabled in private mode by default
16:06:29 <chaosmonk> do you know what the reasoning is? to avoid fingerprinting?
16:06:43 <daroal> quidam: I think the extensions we usually like don't suppose a problem in private mode
16:06:54 <daroal> (and we'll most probably want them there anyway)
16:08:36 <quidam> ok, that's what I thought
16:08:42 <chaosmonk> is it possible for us to have a whitelist (librejs, noscript, ublock, umatrix) of addons to leave enbaled by default?
16:08:53 <chaosmonk> (httpseverywhere)
16:09:39 <quidam> that could be implemented, but is likely to be complex
16:09:47 <quidam> changing the default is trivial
16:10:27 <quidam> the other feature I saw that I didn't like is extension recommendations
16:10:56 <bandali> i’m assuming only moziilla can recommend?
16:11:01 <quidam> yes
16:11:07 <bandali> ha, not great then
16:11:31 <quidam> and it must fetch some info from mozilla, so to some degree it would disclose what you are browsing
16:12:10 <bandali> yeah i know personally i wouldn’t want that
16:12:34 <quidam> agreed
16:12:55 <quidam> #agreed to disable recommended extensions in abrowser
16:13:13 <quidam> #agreed to have extensions on by default in private browsing
16:13:43 <quidam> other features of this version seem great though
16:13:58 <quidam> there is now a control for anti-fingerprinting
16:14:25 <bandali> great
16:14:59 <quidam> and another that I forget, one sec...
16:16:04 <quidam> block cryptominers
16:16:17 <quidam> so I'll enable those two by default
16:16:33 <quidam> with those 4 changes, I'll push a new release instead of waiting to 68
16:16:53 <bandali> sounds good :)
16:19:48 <quidam> actually the recommendation one was already enabled
16:22:17 <quidam> pushed
16:22:22 <quidam> it will build soon
16:22:48 <quidam> in other news, I'm finally done with icecat 60.7
16:23:03 <quidam> it is built and I'll publish it to gnu today
16:23:14 <quidam> and it needs a bit of work on the deb packaging
16:23:17 <bandali> nice! is 60.7 the first icecat version with added rust dependency?
16:23:41 <bandali> or has upstream ESR not caught up to that point yet?
16:23:57 <quidam> bandali: not sure
16:24:35 <quidam> the next version will need some serious work, actually I'm looking for JS volunteers for a rework of the about:home feature
16:25:39 <bandali> ah i think rust has been a dependency since 56 or 57
16:25:42 <chaosmonk> bandali: when i tried to install icecat 60.3 on hyperbola i couldn't because they don't package rust, so esr does depend on rust
16:25:43 <bandali> what kind of JS work?
16:25:59 <bandali> chaosmonk, ha i see
16:28:59 <quidam> as a runtime dependency? that's odd
16:29:28 <quidam> rust is not a runtime dependency for abrowser 67...
16:30:18 <bandali> quidam, so, what kind of (JS) knowledge does working on about:home require?
16:30:24 <bandali> i know *some* JS
16:33:51 <quidam> the block on icecat's about:home with all the privacy/freedom selections uses an api that has been deprecated
16:33:59 <quidam> I believe it can be reimplemented
16:34:16 <quidam> it is chrome JS, not user JS
16:34:42 <quidam> it needs to be able to change settings and enable/disable extensions
16:35:03 <quidam> it would also be re-included in abrowser, which used to have that feature
16:35:17 <bandali> ah
16:35:34 <chaosmonk> quidam: no, as a build dependency
16:37:58 <quidam> that makes more sense
16:38:36 <quidam> #info looking for JS volunteer for Icecat/Abrowser about:home feature
16:38:40 <quidam> those were my topics
16:39:36 <bandali> quidam, we recently added a trisquel mirror at the CS club at our school
16:39:38 <bandali> https://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/trisquel/
16:39:54 <bandali> what’s the process of it becoming an ‘official’ trisquel mirror?
16:40:28 <bandali> it’s available via http, https, rsync, and ftp
16:41:00 <quidam> bandali: you just completed the process :D
16:41:29 <quidam> daroal: you added the last one, do you want to take this?
16:42:07 <bandali> quidam, haha great :p if you keep record of mirror admins, you can use the systems-committee@csclub.uwaterloo.ca address for ours
16:44:01 <quidam> nice, we will add it to apt, installer and mirmon
16:45:23 <chaosmonk> quidam: re etiona package helpers, i've been working on some of the lower-hanging fruit. can you review <https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/219>?
16:45:25 <quidam> #action add mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/trisquel
16:45:38 <bandali> awesome
16:46:18 <quidam> chaosmonk: right away
16:46:51 <bandali> btw, do we have a sort of a rough estimate as for when etiona may be released?
16:46:58 <quidam> is the tox project family still active and trustworthy?
16:47:05 <quidam> bandali: when ready :)
16:47:24 <quidam> bandali: it is pretty much ready for server use
16:47:28 <bandali> quidam, haha that i know :) i was wondering like this year perhaps?
16:47:34 <bandali> oh great
16:49:05 <chaosmonk> quidam: last commit 2018, so maybe not <https://github.com/irungentoo/toxcore/commits/master>
16:49:06 <quidam> chaosmonk: it is better to separate things into different MR, not necessarily one per package, but I think if packages are unrelated they should go on their own MR
16:49:38 <chaosmonk> quidam: okay, sorry. i'll do that from now on
16:49:53 <quidam> otherwise, things that could be pushed right away would have to wait until unrelated things are held by pending corrections or something
16:50:44 <chaosmonk> makes sense
16:50:58 <chaosmonk> so would you rather remove tox entirely?
16:51:13 <quidam> chaosmonk: no, just asking
16:51:26 <quidam> I haven't tracked that project for quite a while, and I know there was some controversy
16:52:33 <chaosmonk> quidam: this fork appears to be more active <https://github.com/TokTok/c-toxcore>. i wasn't aware of the controversy
16:55:26 <quidam> well, I think it is fine to package it, but to preinstall or actively push for it would need more research
16:55:40 <quidam> brb, need more coffee
16:56:18 <chaosmonk> quidam: it's not clear to me which branch debian and ubuntu package
16:57:53 <quidam> chaosmonk: could you explain some of the reasoning in the MR?
16:58:11 <chaosmonk> sure, which parts?
16:58:54 <quidam> exaile, emacs, rekonq
16:59:01 <quidam> well, the removed ones mainly
16:59:22 <chaosmonk> there's a comment in the emacs package helper that says it won't be necessary for emacs25
16:59:30 <chaosmonk> which is what upstream has
17:00:00 <chaosmonk> rekonq and exaile have been dropped by debian and ubuntu
17:00:38 <quidam> ok
17:01:07 <quidam> red5?
17:01:23 <chaosmonk> i guess it couldn't hurt to keep exaile in case they repackage it, since the project appears to still be active, but rekonq is dead
17:01:54 <chaosmonk> same thing, package doesn't exist upstream
17:02:19 <quidam> why did they stop packaging exaile?
17:03:18 <quidam> oh, it depends on gstreamer 0.10
17:03:20 <quidam> okay
17:04:25 <quidam> chaosmonk: do all of those build? the debhelper comment is unclear on that?
17:05:01 <chaosmonk> libtoxcore in disco buildepends on debhelper 12
17:05:20 <chaosmonk> i went with disco instead of cosmic because utox is only in disco
17:06:26 <quidam> debhelper 12 is in bionic-backports, so it should build fine
17:06:31 <chaosmonk> but since i haven't gotten utox to build anyway, and since tox seems to be low priority, maybe it's better to just take libtoxcore and qtox from cosmic
17:06:35 <chaosmonk> oh, okay
17:07:05 <quidam> chaosmonk: I think it is better if you take the tox related changes from the MR, and I merge everything else now
17:07:44 <chaosmonk> sounds good
17:09:06 <chaosmonk> i'll do it in 50 minutes, about to teach a class
17:09:12 <daroal> hi again, I'll add the mirror
17:09:54 <daroal> sorry I had to leave, we're hitting quite high temps today here and I had to do some insulating :D
17:10:10 <daroal> quidam: you'll miss those
17:11:53 <chaosmonk> quidam: in meantime, could you look at youtube-dl issue mentioned last week https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/220
17:12:19 <quidam> chaosmonk: sure thing
17:13:34 <quidam> chaosmonk: something is odd with that MR
17:14:12 <quidam> I don't think it is tracking the correct branch, it modifies many unrelated things
17:14:38 <quidam> valessio: how are things from your side?
17:15:01 <valessio> quidam: I have worked on the modules for the site.
17:15:54 <valessio> I did not find a donation module similar to the old version (drupal6). I made a module for the footer. I'm migrating the slideshow module (screenshot)
17:16:12 <chaosmonk> chaosmonk: it should just be make-youtube-dl. i'll take a look soon
17:16:16 <quidam> the donation system needs to move to civicrm
17:17:47 <valessio> This pending create/review css-style for the forum and every website. Maybe I will create issues in the gitlab of all tasks related to migration, because I am lost in focusing on what to solve, I could also look for more volunteers to help close the small/big-tasks (issues).
17:20:01 <valessio> On the top bar (fixed now), I put more users-buttons and translation swichers. I confess that he gets very confused by so much. I also put the translation on the side and the footer. I think we should consider having a cleaner and more objective top. Choosing translation or logging, are activities you only do once.
17:20:36 <quidam> valessio: I disabled advanced-forum during upgrade
17:20:47 <quidam> idk if it is available on d8
17:20:53 <quidam> it fixes most of the css issues
17:21:11 <valessio> so we have a website almost ready.
17:21:23 <valessio> ok, sure.
17:21:58 <quidam> yeah, not available
17:22:19 <quidam> you could take the css from the old one and apply it to our theme
17:23:21 <quidam> better than using a module...
17:23:33 <valessio> yes, the CSS of the all "old website" or some specific module?
17:25:11 <valessio> Can you send a print to see how it is rendering in the abrowser? I'm without him around here. I'm going to install a VM to test with abrowser.
17:26:12 <valessio> Pode ser que tenha erros para abrowser, lembrei agora que não estou testando nele.  Somente Firefox 60.7 e Chrome 74.0
17:26:19 <valessio> ops
17:26:21 <valessio> pt-br
17:26:35 <valessio> It may be that I have abrowser errors, I remembered now that I'm not testing on it. Only Firefox 60.7 and Chrome 74.0;
17:28:07 <quidam> I mean the css that applies to the forum, which comes from advanced-forum
17:28:59 <quidam> it renders the same as firefox
17:29:07 <quidam> no issues there
17:30:23 <valessio> Yes, I intend to use the forum (d6) CSS as a base, but I believe that the template may have been changed to a new version of drupal 8.
17:31:54 <quidam> the forum template is altered by advanced-forum
17:32:01 <quidam> it adds template changes and css changes
17:32:15 <quidam> you can try to port the css part, or just style it as you see fit
17:32:28 <quidam> you may be better off styling it on your own
17:35:47 <valessio> According. I'm going to prepare a checklist to keep up with this evolution of style.
17:38:57 <quidam> nice
17:39:30 <quidam> (valessio: according is a false friend, acordo > agreement)
17:39:53 <valessio> ops, thanks
17:40:12 <quidam> looks like progress with the site, I'm particularly happy that the language system works
17:40:17 <quidam> because it was a pain to set up
17:41:47 <quidam> I see that the download page broke. that is custom code I wrote, I can work on the fix
17:42:02 <quidam> the documentation link is broken, should point to /wiki
17:42:18 <quidam> valessio: do you plan to have a breadcrumb?
17:42:35 <quidam> oh, never mind, it is there
17:42:41 <quidam> it doesn't seem to show everywhere
17:43:09 <quidam> it doesn't show on top levels
17:43:13 <quidam> maybe there is a config for that?
17:43:48 <valessio> quidam: breadcrumbs only enables on 2  level,  I can change for everytime.
17:44:00 <chaosmonk> quidam: i removed the tox stuff from the first MR. looking at youtube-dl now
17:44:10 <quidam> chaosmonk: thanks
17:48:54 <quidam> chaosmonk: ready to merge then?
17:49:04 <quidam> I just realized the wip flag
17:49:24 <chaosmonk> wip was because of tox
17:51:18 <quidam> ok
17:51:33 <quidam> merged!
17:51:37 <quidam> chaosmonk: thanks!
17:53:25 <chaosmonk> sorry about youtube-dl. i'm bad with git and not sure what i'm doing wrong
17:53:31 <chaosmonk> this should be the only commit https://devel.trisquel.info/chaosmonk/package-helpers/commit/1c19b0b37dc15fc09f918a4ce087579ce920c8d0
17:55:56 <quidam> chaosmonk: the workflow is, checkout the version you want to merge against (eg git checkout flidas), then create a branch for your MR, eg git checkout -b "fix-youtube-dl", commit to that and push the new branch to your fork, then MR that branch
17:56:41 <chaosmonk> that's what i thought i did, and then i tried again just now and did the same thing
17:56:56 <chaosmonk> is upstream/flidas not the right branch to checkout first?
17:57:59 <chaosmonk> i did "git checkout upstream/flidas && git checkout -b fix-youtube-dl && git commit make-youtube-dl"
18:00:55 <quidam> chaosmonk: can you try rebasing your branch?
18:01:13 <quidam> checkout your branch, then git rebase upstream/flidas
18:01:28 <quidam> or git merge upstream/flidas
18:04:54 <chaosmonk> "git checkout fix-youtube-dl && git merge upstream/flidas" said "Already up to date". ditto rebase. i then did another git push but still see all the extra commits
18:08:06 <quidam> chaosmonk: I think you may have started from etiona
18:09:42 <chaosmonk> i really thought i checked out upstream/flidas first. one sec, i'll try again
18:15:29 <chaosmonk> quidam: ok does this look right? "git checkout upstream/flidas && git checkout -b actually-fix-youtube-dl" [edit make-youtube-dl] "git commit make-youtube-dl && git push --set-upstream origin actually-fix-youtube-dl"
18:16:58 <quidam> I think so
18:17:29 <quidam> btw, any other meeting topics?
18:18:30 <chaosmonk> okay, here you go
18:18:32 <chaosmonk> https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/221
18:19:10 <chaosmonk> one other thing, should the a/v backports from last week have made it into the repo by now?
18:19:53 <quidam> aha!
18:20:42 <quidam> chaosmonk: oh, I missed this, you didn't increase the version number
18:21:19 <quidam> last week I worked on trying to fix the auto-build script, but didn't finish it
18:21:30 <quidam> some things may need to be triggered by hand
18:21:37 <chaosmonk> oh shit, i haven't been modifying the version numbers at all
18:21:40 <quidam> if there is something missing, tell me and I'll run it
18:21:51 <chaosmonk> #info chaosmonk doesn't know what he's doing :)
18:22:08 <quidam> that would prevent automated builds, and a manual build would fail to go into the repos
18:22:21 <chaosmonk> okay, that explains it
18:25:00 <chaosmonk> actually, the a/v backports didn't already have helpers, so would there have been a need to bump the version number for those?
18:26:45 <chaosmonk> quidam: i fixed the version number for youtube-dl
18:27:50 <quidam> chaosmonk: no, new helpers need to be triggered by hand
18:27:58 <quidam> until I figure out what is wrong with the script
18:28:05 <quidam> what packages are they?
18:28:27 <quidam> merged they youtube one
18:29:22 <chaosmonk> for now, it would be great if you could build ardour, carla, ubuntustudio-controls, and ubuntustudio-menu
18:29:27 <quidam> k
18:29:40 <chaosmonk> davidpgil[m]: if you're around, is there anything else you need?
18:30:22 <chaosmonk> quidam: and youtube-dl to fix the issue for flidas users
18:30:23 <quidam> chaosmonk: and those are all for etiona, right?
18:30:36 <chaosmonk> yes, except youtube-dl
18:31:50 <chaosmonk> ah crap. can you revert merging etiona-package-helpers? i'm sorry, i messed that one up too
18:35:49 <quidam> chaosmonk: not through gitlab. it is easier if you fix it in a new mr
18:35:57 <chaosmonk> okay, working on it
18:36:07 <quidam> what is the issue, versions?
18:36:52 <chaosmonk> that, and somehow i committed the wrong file here https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/commit/9f09f055fecf367b5ffdc0e099b4759aeb703ad5
18:37:55 <chaosmonk> i need to remove make-natron and add make-gnome-icon-theme, but first i'm double checking my work on make-gnome-icon-theme
18:39:15 <quidam> okay
18:39:32 <quidam> I think we can close the meeting logging
18:39:48 <quidam> unless there are other topics
18:39:50 <chaosmonk> sure, i've embarassed myself enough :)
18:40:01 <quidam> Trisnity`: pingall close meeting?
18:40:01 <Trisnity`> close meeting?
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18:40:01 <Trisnity`> close meeting?
18:43:38 <quidam> #closemeeting
18:43:43 <quidam> thanks everybody!
18:43:51 <quidam> #endmeeting