16:01:23 <quidam> #startmeeting Fri May 24 2019
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16:02:38 <davidpgil[m]> hello!
16:02:54 * satellit_ listening
16:02:54 <quidam> hi davidpgil[m]
16:03:04 <chaosmonk> hi all
16:03:18 <davidpgil[m]> hey -- sorry ive been a pain in the a***
16:03:22 <davidpgil[m]> lol
16:04:49 <chaosmonk> davidpgil[m]: np :) how is jack working for you with ubuntustudio-controls?
16:06:50 <davidpgil[m]> its working great!
16:07:00 <davidpgil[m]> im like invincible now!
16:07:01 <davidpgil[m]> (and libre)
16:07:13 <davidpgil[m]> chaosmonk: are dms private?
16:07:18 <davidpgil[m]> oops
16:07:37 <davidpgil[m]> quidam: hi! sorry im not used to using dms
16:08:03 <quidam> dms?
16:09:13 <davidpgil[m]> direct messages
16:09:46 <davidpgil[m]> im using riot app to chat here so it works a bit different than some other chat apps ive used
16:10:11 <quidam> oh, I don't know, never tried riot
16:10:37 <quidam> sorry for the slow start, daroal and I are working on a dns thing, almost done
16:10:49 <davidpgil[m]> all good.
16:12:02 <quidam> done
16:12:34 <quidam> updates... I've been working on some issues with the repositories
16:12:46 <quidam> which are holding packages from updating and from building properly
16:12:58 <quidam> it should be fixed in an hour
16:13:02 <davidpgil[m]> ah. ill update now
16:13:13 <davidpgil[m]> ok
16:13:14 <davidpgil[m]> ok
16:13:23 <quidam> and I'll be building abrowser 67
16:13:26 <valessio> I made progress with the theme on drupal8. Thank you @quidam for helping to review the migration. I'm pending to do some modules of the theme: footer, slider, tabs... also restore the old modules of donations, code commits and others.  I also need to see how to put the translation to work (the links).
16:13:51 <quidam> oh, woah, that looks good valessio
16:14:32 <pikurasa> quidam: I can't get IceCat to work on my Windows machine -- can you fix that?
16:14:56 <quidam> pikurasa: yes, I can fix your Windows machine
16:15:08 <pikurasa> #install-trisquel
16:15:08 <chaosmonk> lol
16:15:41 <davidpgil[m]> buuuurnnnnn
16:15:52 <pikurasa> After telling a friend about IceCat, they wanted to install on their Windows machine, but could not find the binary...
16:16:25 <pikurasa> I have been telling them for years to just jump ship and use a sensible OS
16:16:56 <davidpgil[m]> tell them to install scoop and do scoop install icecat
16:17:02 <quidam> pikurasa: building for windows now requires using nonfree software, so I can't make binaries
16:17:14 <davidpgil[m]> goto scoop.sh
16:17:45 <quidam> same for macos
16:18:18 <quidam> and android ones can be done but it is not easy. luckyly (for me) fdroid guys build them themselves
16:18:51 <quidam> valessio: on the design, what do you think of keeping the floating top bar, like the current one?
16:19:02 <pikurasa> Ok, sorry for being distracting!
16:19:07 <pikurasa> Get back to work!
16:20:27 <quidam> valessio: and some things could move up there, like the login link or the language switcher
16:20:40 <valessio> quidam: Fine, no problem for me.  I have to fix responsive things and also colors and alignments.
16:20:41 <quidam> that way those important things are always visible even if you are scrolling
16:22:07 <valessio> Ok. It will be good.
16:23:14 <quidam> nice
16:24:22 <quidam> on "sideways news", the kinda slow project of gettin new hosting at the FSF is finally getting into gear
16:24:53 <quidam> meaning that there will soon be space for community servers, and we can build the much needed new trisquel devel server
16:25:09 <quidam> by soon I mean that it is being planned for july
16:25:58 <pikurasa> And by July, do you mean 2021?
16:26:15 <pikurasa> Sorry, cannot help myself today :p
16:26:18 <davidpgil[m]> ohhhhhh!
16:26:19 <quidam> lol
16:26:20 <davidpgil[m]> lol
16:27:04 <quidam> we already have several of the hardware components for a fully free (ryf certified) machine
16:27:46 <quidam> kgpe-d16 motherboard, 32 opteron cores, 128G ram, and ...some storage still undecided
16:29:36 <quidam> the goal is to be able to build fully on ramdisk, which is much faster
16:32:20 <chaosmonk> nice!
16:32:34 <quidam> not much else for updates this week
16:32:47 <quidam> any others?
16:32:57 <chaosmonk> quidam: not sure if you saw my email, but last weekend i tested the package helpers as discussed
16:33:00 <chaosmonk> https://trisquel.info/en/issues/25801
16:33:03 <chaosmonk> https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/status-package-helpers-etiona
16:33:28 <quidam> valessio: do you need any further fixing on the wwwdev site to work on templates?
16:33:37 <quidam> anything that may be getting in the way or missing
16:33:59 <valessio> Maybe in donation module
16:34:40 <valessio> I think I need help for the donations module.
16:35:00 <davidpgil[m]> along with chaosmonk i tested and confirmed that ubuntu-studio controls fixes various issues i have with audio production on trisquel
16:35:16 <davidpgil[m]> i think it should be included in the repo
16:36:38 <chaosmonk> davidpgil[m]: i've written a package helper which rebrands it as trisquelstudio-controls https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/218
16:38:06 <quidam> cool, lets check it!
16:38:09 * quidam reads
16:38:44 <davidpgil[m]> awesome!
16:39:22 <davidpgil[m]> why inkscape and scribus?
16:39:32 <davidpgil[m]> curious
16:39:38 <quidam> looks good, some comments
16:40:13 <quidam> it is better to put backports in the trisquel-backports repo. This has only been possible since quite recently, and may not be well documented
16:40:34 <quidam> but it is simple, just add "BACKPORTS=true" before ./config
16:40:44 <chaosmonk> davidpgil[m]: to replace adobe illustrator and indesign, respectively. i want to have a free replacement for every adobe thing
16:40:53 <chaosmonk> quidam: thanks, i was going to ask that
16:41:56 <davidpgil[m]> me too chaosmonk ! why not add more graphics tools?
16:42:13 <quidam> chaosmonk: the other suggestion, for rebranding you can use rpl (which is included in DATA/rpl) so you only need to run it once, recursively
16:42:46 <quidam> it is better because (other than being less work), if the upstream package changes you don't need to find where new strings need to be replaced
16:42:47 <quidam> eg
16:43:19 <quidam> rpl "Ubuntustudio" "Trisquelstudio" . -R
16:43:43 <quidam> you may need to have several of those, one for each capitalization option
16:44:00 <davidpgil[m]> forgive my ignorance, but why cant we just "bolt on" the whole ubuntu studio repo?
16:44:02 <quidam> Ubuntustudio ubuntustudio UbuntuStudio ,,,
16:44:03 <quidam> ...
16:44:15 <davidpgil[m]> i mean for graphics, audio, etc
16:44:22 <chaosmonk> quidam: what about a situation like ubuntustudio-controls, where i am both backporting and modifying a package? is it possible to have the stable version in the main repo and the backported version in the backports repo with only one package helper?
16:45:08 <quidam> davidpgil[m]: depends on how trusted that repo is. does it contain non-free packages?
16:45:10 <chaosmonk> quidam: thanks, rpl would have saved me a lot of time
16:45:35 <chaosmonk> quidam: right now it contains no non-free packages, just some that require rebranding
16:45:41 <davidpgil[m]> quidam: how can i determine that?
16:45:56 <quidam> chaosmonk: if you add BACKPORTS=true that leaves the current package on the "flidas main" repo and adds yours to flidas-backports
16:46:07 <chaosmonk> i've already written package helpers for everything useful in there though
16:46:44 <chaosmonk> quidam: okay, thanks
16:47:08 <quidam> I think it is preferrable to import those in a case-by-case way
16:47:22 <quidam> instead of the whole repo
16:48:22 <chaosmonk> yeah, even if there's no nonfree software now they might add some in the future
16:48:40 <davidpgil[m]> fair point
16:49:13 <davidpgil[m]> i have a goal that i want to have an option that fulfills my creative needs
16:49:34 <quidam> chaosmonk: for bulk renaming you can use make-firefox for reference
16:49:39 <davidpgil[m]> at my job i use the whole adobe suite and some 3d software
16:49:51 <davidpgil[m]> at home i do audio production starting recently
16:49:56 <quidam> in a similar way as what rpl does for strings, but for filenames
16:50:22 <davidpgil[m]> so i am noticing more and more that i can do most of everything on trisquel! super happy about that.
16:50:31 <quidam> I was looking into backporting gimp 2.10.x
16:50:36 <quidam> but it may be too much work
16:50:46 <quidam> it would be easier to backport into t9
16:50:56 <davidpgil[m]> i have been using guix to fill in some gaps
16:51:07 <davidpgil[m]> does that cause problems?
16:51:22 <quidam> it shouldn't it is very isolated by design
16:51:30 <quidam> comma missing
16:51:33 <davidpgil[m]> nice.
16:51:41 <davidpgil[m]> mostly the audio stuff is most impt
16:51:46 <davidpgil[m]> since its so sensitive
16:52:53 <chaosmonk> quidam: i think kdenlive is an important one, but it doesn't look as trivial as the others so far, in that it requires qt 5.11
16:53:18 <quidam> chaosmonk: actually I removed the recursive renaming on make-firefox recently, but you can still see what I mean in make-thunderbird
16:53:46 <quidam> chaosmonk: under # Replace Thunderbird branding
16:54:06 <quidam> that renames directories recursively twice, then filenames
16:54:23 <quidam> twice to prevent issues when the name is in the path twice, kind of a hack
16:54:31 <davidpgil[m]> kdenlive is on guix
16:54:33 <davidpgil[m]> so ppl can at least just use that
16:54:44 <davidpgil[m]> also recently guix has a convenient shell script to install it much easier
16:55:02 <davidpgil[m]> https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/manual/en/html_node/Binary-Installation.html
16:55:10 <chaosmonk> quidam: k, i'll look at thunderbird
16:55:32 <chaosmonk> quidam: i've added BACKPORTS=true
16:55:42 <davidpgil[m]> oh yes @chaosmonk u mentioned on the forum about youtube-dl
16:56:38 <chaosmonk> is backporting qt 5.11 even possible? would it break other software built against 5.9?
16:59:25 <quidam> chaosmonk: do you want to push them like that or would you want to change them to use rpl and recursive renaming?
17:00:04 <chaosmonk> would you like mew to redo these ones with rpl?
17:00:41 <quidam> chaosmonk: up to you. I think that it would simplify maintenance, but they could be pushed like this too
17:01:25 * pikurasa needs to go now. Bye!
17:01:46 <chaosmonk> i'll do it in the next round of backports. i'd like to get these in the repo so that davidpgil[m] can start testing them on t9
17:02:29 <davidpgil[m]> sweet
17:03:14 <quidam> cool, merged!
17:03:25 <chaosmonk> quidam: thanks!
17:03:36 <quidam> thanks to you!
17:03:53 <chaosmonk> quidam: for the same reason, would it be possible for you to trigger a build of desktop-file-utils to make xfce4 and mate installable?
17:03:59 <quidam> chaosmonk: are any of those packages new to trisquel?
17:04:07 <quidam> if so I need to launch build by hand
17:04:38 <quidam> chaosmonk: and yes to desktop-file-utils. let me check it for a min
17:05:41 <chaosmonk> ubuntustudio-controls and ubuntustudio-menu are in the ubuntu repos, but have been purged from trisquel due to the branding issue
17:05:55 <quidam> building
17:06:23 <davidpgil[m]> do we need a new icon?
17:06:29 <chaosmonk> if you don't trigger them manually, will they not be built until there is an update upstream
17:06:37 <quidam> davidpgil[m]: for what?
17:06:38 <chaosmonk> oh, yeah. i haven't done the icon yet
17:06:54 <davidpgil[m]> @quidam ubuntu studio controls
17:06:54 <Trisnity`> davidpgil[m]: Error: "quidam" is not a valid command.
17:07:04 <chaosmonk> for ubuntustudio-controls. it uses the ubuntustudio logo
17:07:24 <davidpgil[m]> if u need a new one, let me know
17:07:29 <quidam> I'm not sure if they trigger on their own
17:08:00 <chaosmonk> do they need to be removed from ppa purge?
17:08:10 <chaosmonk> sorry, ubuntu-purge
17:09:00 <chaosmonk> quidam: so normally are packages only built when changed upstream?
17:10:22 <quidam> no, they are built when the version the helper would build is higher than what is in the repo
17:10:41 <quidam> so, when changed upstream, or when added
17:10:47 <davidpgil[m]> question...
17:11:05 <quidam> but since these are backports, I'm not sure which repo it will compare versions against
17:11:09 <quidam> so I may have to tweak things
17:11:12 <quidam> davidpgil[m]: go
17:11:58 <davidpgil[m]> would anyone know how i can find out the name of the wacom tablet configurator app in gnome?
17:12:04 <chaosmonk> quidam: so for instance, this rhythmbox issue was patched and merged a year ago, but the bug is still present in trisquel. what will cause it to be rebuilt with the patch? https://trisquel.info/en/issues/24077
17:13:44 <quidam> it didn't build?
17:15:00 <quidam> that's odd. checking
17:15:25 <chaosmonk> no, i still have to go remove the ^_ myself every time i install trisquel, and a forum user reported the issue yesterday
17:16:21 <quidam> dang
17:28:19 <quidam> ok, I think we can finish the meeting
17:28:25 <quidam> any other topics?
17:28:36 <quidam> I'll keep working on the build problem after
17:28:44 <chaosmonk> quidam: can you point me in the right direction regarding qt 5.11 for kdenlive? would adding it to thew backports repo break packages in the main repo built against qt 5.9?
17:29:16 <quidam> I would expect qt to be backwards compatible
17:29:40 <chaosmonk> okay, awesome
17:29:41 <quidam> and as long as it goes to the backports repo, it is optional for users that enable it, so low risk
17:29:54 <quidam> it may be a rabbithole to backport, though
17:30:12 <chaosmonk> could this be useful? https://launchpad.net/~beineri/+archive/ubuntu/opt-qt-5.11.1-bionic
17:30:52 <davidpgil[m]> https://trisquel.info/en/forum/update-youtube-dl
17:30:56 <davidpgil[m]> though i guess we could also say just install guix to get the latest n greatest
17:31:28 <chaosmonk> or, lilypond bundles guilde 1.8 because it's neededto build but not in repohttps://packages.ubuntu.com/source/bionic/lilypond
17:32:30 <chaosmonk> quidam: Ctrl+F youtube-dl for a description of the issue https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/status-package-helpers-etiona
17:38:30 <davidpgil[m]> chaosmonk: i wont be able to test this weekend. ill be away until tuesday, FYI.
17:40:05 <chaosmonk> davidpgil[m]: np
17:44:55 <quidam> I have to step out for a bit
17:45:04 <quidam> chaosmonk: can you remind me of that one next week?
17:46:10 <chaosmonk> quidam: sure, sorry to take up so much of your time
18:02:15 <quidam> #endmeeting