16:23:30 <quidam> #startmeeting Fri May 17
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16:23:44 <quidam> recap for what we said so far
16:24:09 <quidam> quidam | there are recurring failing errors on belenos packages, but I think it is not worth the time
16:24:11 <quidam> quidam | thoughts?
16:24:13 <quidam> chaosmon+| quidam: no one should be expecting updates to belenos anyway. i think time is better spent on flidas and etiona
16:24:33 <quidam> #agreed no more helpers work on belenos, move effort to flidas and etiona
16:25:20 <quidam> #info the new www test server now has a dns name, wwwdev.trisquel.info
16:26:13 <quidam> chaosmonk: you say that iso fixes the text installer, as in that it installs T8 ?
16:26:54 <quidam> I had contradictory reports on that
16:27:08 <chaosmonk> quidam: correct. the text installer option installed t8 for me
16:27:53 <quidam> chaosmonk: good. I'll wrap up the publication, including the netinst images
16:28:08 <quidam> I'll make new images to pull recent security updates
16:28:28 <chaosmonk> qudiam: the t7 issue was reported on 3/11 <https://trisquel.info/en/issues/25533> and the new iso is from 3/26
16:28:48 <quidam> #action ruben to build a new set of T8 images and publish
16:29:24 <quidam> #action valessio to set up apache/drupal to accept wwwdev.trisquel.info as the server name
16:29:34 <quidam> which remind me of another pending action
16:30:00 <quidam> #action ruben to set trisquel.org on the dns server
16:33:06 <quidam> daroal: actually, could you look into that one?
16:33:30 <daroal> yes, I will
16:35:12 <quidam> daroal: you may need to set the dns servers to ns1-2.sognus.com
16:35:41 <quidam> #action daroal to set up the trisquel.org settings on the registrar's panel
16:36:00 <quidam> after that is just copying/cleaning the zone file and reloading bind
16:37:11 <jxself> Mine actualy turned out pretty well. I was up & down while up $50 I decided I should stop while I was ahead.
16:37:43 <jxself> Then cashed out and used it to buy dinner. Was a good investment of $5, I think. :)
16:38:18 <quidam> neat
16:39:20 <chaosmonk> quidam: i've been running t9 on a spare laptop. i'd like to help with the package helpers but am not sure where to start. for example, libxfce4ui isn't installable, but it builds fine for me after running the package helper, so it seems that the issue is that it just hasn't been built on trisquel's server yet. i'm not sure how the build process works. is there a queue of packages that are being built?
16:39:22 <chaosmonk> if so, would it be possible to attempt to next build all of the packages for which there are helpers so that we have a list of which ones fail?
16:42:03 <quidam> chaosmonk: that is kind of a good idea, but ideally we want to review them first
16:42:23 <quidam> many helpers have fixes that are not necessary on newer versions, or may need tweaking
16:43:08 <quidam> I'm thinking what would be a good workflow for that
16:44:00 <quidam> we should have a way for anybody that is trusted, to launch either test builds or build-and-upload
16:44:20 <quidam> as it stands now, you need a lot of acces to do that
16:44:38 <chaosmonk> quidam: maybe build and install each one locally, if all looks well report that it is good to go, and if there are problems then file an issue on the tracker?
16:45:45 <quidam> chaosmonk: I just triggered the build of that package
16:46:06 <quidam> oh, ok, I do have some progress to report
16:46:27 <quidam> I made some changes to jenkins to further align it to use sbuild
16:46:50 <kpengboy> I thought we wanted to dump Jenkins?
16:47:45 <quidam> kpengboy: we mainly have considered dumping gitlab
16:47:55 <quidam> but all options are possible
16:48:05 <quidam> so far I just wanted to make it not crash as much
16:49:27 <kpengboy> What was so wrong with GitLab
16:51:18 <quidam> there was no way to set up a workflow that would enforce trusted peer review of merge requess
16:51:21 <quidam> requests
16:52:00 <quidam> it was possible, but only using the nonfree version of gitlab, which is a big upset in principle alone
16:52:17 <quidam> idk what is the status of that, there has been a major release of gitlab since
16:52:26 <quidam> so it should be reviewed
16:55:25 <quidam> chaosmonk: libxfce4ui is now in the devel repo
16:56:04 <chaosmonk> quidam: thanks!
16:56:13 <chaosmonk> quidam: is it safe to assume that any packages that don't have helpers should be fine? if so, maybe a next step could be to recursively build dependencies of mate-desktop-environment so that we can start working on the default DE
16:57:31 <quidam> chaosmonk: I started building those, there were a few left
16:59:12 <chaosmonk> quidam: yeah, last i checked it was just a few things like mate-calc blocking
17:01:01 <quidam> exciting
17:02:47 <chaosmonk> quidam: would it be helpful if i try out all of the not-yet-built package helpers on my machine and report back with a list of ones that work and ones that don't?
17:03:01 <quidam> chaosmonk: that would be of great help
17:03:47 <chaosmonk> quidam: cool. one last thing. a couple of recent forum threads have discussed making t9 better suitable for audio production. i'd like to work on backporting some commonly used audio programs, bring in some useful Ubuntu Studio packages (rebranded as Trisquel Studio), and make these packages plus Ubuntu Studio's default audio configuration installable with a trisquel-studio metapackage. i think that i
17:03:49 <chaosmonk> can handle all or most of this without causing additional work for you. are you open to this idea?
17:05:14 <quidam> chaosmonk: that sounds great! (pun intended)
17:05:44 <chaosmonk> quidam: cool!
17:05:49 <quidam> I would love to have the last kdenlive...
17:05:59 * quidam nudges
17:06:03 <chaosmonk> yeah, that would be one of them
17:06:12 <quidam> awesome!
17:06:30 <chaosmonk> gtg. thanks as always for your hard work, quidam
17:06:50 <quidam> my pleasure
17:07:18 <daroal> quidam: I'm sure you could probably share some jackd hints for that
17:07:21 <quidam> #action chaosmonk to test helpers pending to build in etiona (mate dependencies)
17:07:55 <quidam> #action chaosmonk to work on A/V package backports
17:08:29 <daroal> I haven't tried to set everything up to use jack in quite some time, but I remember you being successful with that back then
17:09:19 <quidam> I don't use it a lot, I have a setup for using midi with sooperlooper and an amp
17:09:32 <quidam> but it is pretty basic
17:10:03 <quidam> I'm making my own pedal to trigger midi commands, with arduino
17:10:13 <quidam> not progressing much, too many projects...
17:10:59 <davidpgil[m]> Hi everyone
17:11:05 <davidpgil[m]> just jumped in.
17:11:31 <davidpgil[m]> I read the news about bringing the audio production stuff. So psyched!
17:11:39 <quidam> also, DiivaaD if you see this, I have an idea to bring up hubangl into the realm of high-end video recording
17:13:33 <davidpgil[m]> I think will the fall of Musix distro and how KXStudio repo seems to be asleep, would bew a great time for Trisquel Studio to rise.
17:13:39 <davidpgil[m]> with*
17:15:54 <quidam> that would be great
17:15:59 <quidam> any other topics?
17:26:38 <davidpgil[m]> not from me...
18:30:28 <quidam> sorry, I got into network issues
18:30:33 <quidam> #endmeeting