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16:04:05 <quidam> ignore that, I touched my two factor key...
16:04:55 <quidam> hi everybody!
16:05:09 <valessio> quidam 😎
16:05:58 <quidam> nice to have a bot back, it will help track things better
16:06:31 <quidam> I don't have much updates this time
16:07:01 <quidam> I've been working on librejs and icecat, trying to release the trisquel packages today
16:07:15 <quidam> the abrowsers fixes seem to have worked
16:07:40 <quidam> are there any complains left?
16:08:32 <bandali> hey y'all
16:10:35 <quidam> I'm checking the extensions signing issue
16:10:40 <bandali> quidam, will you update the icecat "sources" on gnuzilla savannah soon then?
16:10:45 <quidam> seems to not have affected us
16:11:12 <quidam> bandali: yes, those are more up to date than in trisquel, though
16:11:19 <valessio> #info quidam been working on librejs and icecat, trying to release the trisquel packages today; the abrowsers fixes seem to have worked;
16:11:58 <bandali> regarding the extension signing issue, yeah, i think it's because icecat sets xpinstall.signatures.required to false out of the box
16:12:16 <bandali> cool, thanks quidam
16:12:44 <quidam> makes sense
16:13:19 <quidam> if the system allowed for a keyring then that could be enabled
16:13:38 <quidam> but the recent events prove that we are better off this way for now
16:14:07 <bandali> yeah i think so too
16:15:44 <quidam> valessio: progress on the web server side?
16:16:18 <valessio> I ran Drupal tests for updating. It was unsuccessful. Of 80 modules of the current site, just over 50% need replacement or upgrade. I have some logs of the migration/update attempts.
16:16:39 <valessio> My suggestion is going to be planning for this project (update website). I believe we will need to do in stages: the site, documentation, forum, issues/bugtracker, donation platform + CRM, other ideas...
16:17:06 <valessio> I will create a plan proposal and steps for this migration and present to David how we can work on it together. I should also continue to invite the user community to participate, as this should promote a popularity of collaboration.
16:18:39 <quidam> valessio: a bunch of extensions like cck or views and their dependencies have been replaced by drupal core
16:18:46 <valessio> Migrating from Drupal 6 to 8 does not appear to be trivial. I have a version running on my local machine, but much of the content has lost its sense/organization. Categories and links.
16:18:48 <quidam> that means, they are not extensions anymore
16:19:43 * quidam looks
16:20:31 <quidam> we have 80 modules? ouch
16:21:21 <quidam> valessio: there are several large groups of modules that we don't need to migrate
16:21:22 <valessio> 80 MODULES WILL NOT BE UPGRADED
16:21:22 <valessio> 48 MODULES WILL BE UPGRADED
16:21:56 <valessio> I have the list. I think I sent it to your email.
16:22:21 <quidam> civicrm can be removed (it needs to be added from scratch, it was never integrated and it is there just for tests)
16:22:41 * valessio sent a long message:  < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/MIhmOquivaXezyztZxrobRHV >
16:22:47 <valessio> sorry.
16:22:57 <valessio> think use pastbin. :(
16:23:42 <bandali> sorry if this has been brought up before, but has trisquel considered using a static site?
16:24:11 <quidam> the project modules are not needed, we don't want to continue using that as the bugtracker
16:24:57 <quidam> and a lot of modules are interface tweaks that should not need updates to the database
16:25:52 <quidam> valessio: that is the log from an update attempt?
16:26:27 <quidam> bandali: the dynamic site is one of the best assets we have, if anything we need to use more of its potential
16:27:36 <valessio> I made 3 attempts. At every attempt, I tried to solve an error. But the log is part of some of these attempts.
16:27:57 <quidam> valessio: that looks like the list of all the modules, do you have the list of the ones that failed to update?
16:28:06 <valessio> I can make a better report on my tests and a plan. But I can not see an automatic way to ensure 100% migration. I think we need to do in steps, launch a Drupal 8 with website and documentation, migrate the forum to a new extension or better support/integration...
16:28:08 <quidam> I can tell you which ones of those are required
16:29:29 <bandali> quidam: i see, thanks. i would ask what are the best parts about it, but don't wanna interrupt more important discussion
16:29:39 <valessio> quidam: yes. in 54% the migration of the data also stopped the base. But I think it was memory/processing error. But it seems that not everything was being migrated at the base correctly for missing some modules.
16:30:58 <quidam> bandali: having the same user account on the same platform being able to participate on the wiki and the forum. building on that we should integrate it with civicrm so donations and memberships are linked to those same user profiles
16:31:11 <valessio> quidam: Okay. That helps. I can do another migration test only with the modules that you indicate that need to work.
16:31:30 <quidam> that way the user profiles (unless you opt out) would show all the contributions people make
16:33:05 <quidam> valessio: the main things that need to migrate properly are cck and views, after that is just adjusting things
16:34:15 <quidam> cck defines the components of a node (title, text field, image, link, etc), like columns in a database
16:34:36 <quidam> that way, different content types can store different content structures
16:35:16 <quidam> so that one is fundamental. it is one of the key parts of drupal core, so migrating that should be well supported and documented
16:35:55 <valessio> Ok, but the topics of the forum, were released after the my test migration. As well as other contents of the documentation, etc. All mixed together. This organization will be manual, correct?
16:37:00 <quidam> the forum is just a content type. it has different fields than for example, a wiki page node
16:37:09 <bandali> cool, thanks
16:37:32 <quidam> each topic in the forum is one node. the replies are comments, not nodes
16:37:33 <valessio> OK. I will reproduce a migration test in the development environment. No more on my local machine. Maybe this will help you see the end result as it was.
16:38:12 <quidam> the forum type is quite simple, there are no extra fields or anything
16:38:30 <quidam> so migrating the content should work fine
16:39:07 <quidam> all the forum customizations are done with modules that change the way things are displayed, but the data should be in the standard format of any drupal forum
16:39:37 <quidam> and we can choose a different set of forum-customizing modules on the new instance
16:39:48 <valessio> Understand. I was thinking that when I migrated I would have succeeded in appearing the content already organized. With the right and presentable links for navigation. But I ended up frustrated, because the migrated content appears all together. I need to learn how to organize this.
16:40:27 <quidam> valessio: the navigation may be broken at first, because of the use of views. so you may end up with an empty front page and no menus
16:40:40 <quidam> but you should be able to navigate to the content via the admin panel
16:41:22 <quidam> the current url for that is https://trisquel.info/admin/content/node
16:41:48 <quidam> I don't know if that changes on D8, but if it does, there would be some equivalent way to list all nodes, in the admin panel
16:42:13 <quidam> as long as the items are there, the navigation can be reconstructed
16:43:59 <quidam> valessio: in those listings where the content appears "all together", it should still be listing the type of each node (forum topic, blog, wiki page...)
16:44:20 <quidam> as long as that's the case, we can rebuild the navigation part
16:44:45 <valessio> Nice. So I'll put the migrated environment accessible (devtest server) so you can visualize the result. This part of organizing links, forum and reviewing content will need some help. But I intend to try to learn how to do it, I hope I got it as soon as possible.
16:45:36 <quidam> if you do a migration test on the dev server I can then take a look and help you get going from there
16:45:55 <valessio> ok. thanks!
16:46:08 <valessio> This looks good.
16:46:37 <quidam> so, the basic thing is to get cck migrated, that should preserve the content. views are not that important, if they don't migrate properly we can just make them from scratch
16:46:41 <quidam> we don't use many anyway
16:46:52 <quidam> then the next big item is the translations system
16:47:20 <quidam> I'm checking what is the state of things for multilingual support on D8
16:48:21 <quidam> looks pretty similar, if anything I hope support is better
16:48:37 <quidam> it will probably need less non-core modules
16:48:40 <valessio> I was able to migrate the translation module and the translated content was migrated, at least, what I had tested.
16:48:51 <quidam> valessio: one goal we should have is to minimize the amount of non-core modules we use
16:49:01 <quidam> valessio: nice
16:49:38 <valessio> sure. less module in D8 will help in maintenance.
16:49:56 <quidam> valessio: one note on that though
16:50:25 <quidam> there are modules that add fields to the database, and make migrations complicated. those are the ones to avoid the most
16:50:56 <quidam> then there are a lot of modules that just modify the way the interface works, or add a feature that is not related to the database at all
16:51:00 <quidam> those are less of a problem
16:52:17 <valessio> Right. Thanks for the guidance. I think it helped a lot. I will try to make new tests and consider these notes.
16:52:30 <quidam> for example, the module that makes 404 pages have a search form. that module doesn't add any field to the database. if it fails to migrate, let's say, because there is no version of the module for D8, well, not a big issue
16:53:14 <quidam> but the module that adds votes to comments in the forum, does that by adding a field to the comment table. so migrating that is database dependent
16:53:32 <quidam> so ideally, we want less of those modules
16:54:01 <valessio> makes sense
16:54:36 <quidam> valessio: those are not hard rules
16:54:41 <quidam> https://i.imgur.com/zysomPt.jpg
16:55:40 <quidam> valessio: do you need admin on the production site? it may help compare settings with the devel site
16:56:03 <valessio> no.  please, give superpowers
16:56:48 <quidam> er.., yes or no? :D
16:57:38 <valessio> yes, it will be great to compare this configuration of content, structure. I do not have this access. You can put my user as admin. Thks
16:57:42 <valessio> @valessio
16:57:42 <Trisnity> valessio: Error: "valessio" is not a valid command.
16:57:54 <quidam> Trisnity: not yet it isn't
16:57:54 <Trisnity> quidam: Error: "not" is not a valid command.
16:58:27 <valessio> :)
16:59:41 <quidam> valessio: done
16:59:49 <valessio> nice. thanks
17:04:44 <quidam> DiivaaD: any updates from your side?
17:04:58 <quidam> oops, wrong nickname, never mind :D
17:05:16 * quidam needs more coffee
17:05:42 <quidam> although DiivaaD, I have a cool project to discuss with you, ping me when you read this ;)
17:06:08 <quidam> valessio: so, action items?
17:06:41 <quidam> do you want to schedule a specific time to meet to work on the migration, or do you want to work on it and then schedule?
17:08:02 <valessio> #action valessio will hold until Tuesday the migration on the development server for testing
17:09:31 <valessio> I will reproduce what I did in my local environment, in the other environment. That way we'll have access. Then we can schedule to review the migrated content. I am seeing in my machine that many comments are oky, aligned to the article. forum topics as well. It seems to be more visual and even structural.
17:14:23 * valessio uploaded an image: Libreshop_x200_sale_Trisquel_GNU_Linux_-_2019-05-10_13.13.48.png (5041KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/kFmFOylDDAKKGvfhntypWWOr >
17:19:16 <valessio> quidam: We ended the meeting?
17:21:00 <quidam> valessio: I don't have any more topicks
17:21:48 <quidam> topics
17:21:59 <quidam> valessio: that's from the devel site?
17:22:33 <quidam> valessio: do you want me to give it a dns name?
17:23:31 <valessio> does not need DNS. This site is local, on my machine, using the Bootstrap theme in the D8
17:24:50 <quidam> valessio: I mean to the devel server
17:25:52 <valessio> Yes, we do not need it for now. It's fine.
17:25:53 <valessio> thanks
17:26:24 <quidam> cool. all done from my side
17:26:42 <Ark74> sorry not much to add on this one
17:27:44 <valessio> Ok.  I'm going to need to disconnect now, I'll be back at 4pm.
17:27:44 <Ark74> ubuntu-mate menu breaks every time, but we don't use it so that's it for that
17:28:10 <valessio> #stopmeeting
17:28:26 <quidam> lazy bot...
17:28:33 <quidam> I think it is #endmeeting
17:28:40 <quidam> #endmeeting
17:28:43 <quidam> maybe not?
17:29:06 <valessio> #endmeeting